What was William Shakespeare's personality like?

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Well, Shakepeare had a reputation for being quiet and a bit mysterious. His writing, they showed that he was keenly observant and was curious. Shakespeare thought deeply about life and its sufferings. Though, he had a sense of humor and found much to laugh at in life! He had a strong affection for his dad

Out of other 16 Jungian Personality Types, Shakespeare was found to be an INFP, estimated to be the third rarest personality type. Such persons are creative, artistic and spiritual. They are also deep, intelligent and full of empathy. Because they're daydreamers and introverts, they are indeed reserved. But I think they're mostly optimistic and love humour.
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What was society like in William Shakespeare's time?

this is just what i think but i think that sinceLondon wasn't to nice back then and people where dying at the age of forty that William Shakespeare's poetry plays cheered ever

What were William Shakespeare's clothes like?

William Shakespeares clothes were mostly the same as any rich mans clothing in the 1500 and 1600s. Most portraits show him with a lace frill others show him with a broad colla

What were William Shakespeare's children like?

Nobody thought fit to record this. Susanna was thought of in later life as "Good Mistress Hall", but she was perhaps of a somewhat Puritan disposition. In any case Shakespeare

What does William Shakespeare's signature look like?

There are six samples of his signature, all of which look somewhat different. They are all characteristically in the "Secretary Hand", however, with the capital "S" and the su

What was William Shakespeare's classroom like?

School in Shakespeare's day was for boys aged about 8 to 14. The schoolroom was large lit only by windows. There were no washrooms. The pupils sat on benches in front of the

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See the related link. Basically, Duke Frederick is a very greedy person and banishes alot of ppl. There has been a lot of ppl banished and the deposed Duke Senior (Duke Fre

What was the scenery like in William Shakespeare's plays?

Shakespearean theaters did not have had the elaborate sets that we sometimes see today; however, they did use smaller props such as tables, benches and so on. To compensate fo