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On 3 September 1939 Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany following the German invasion of Poland. Contrary to a widespread misconception, the British prime minister who actually took Britain into World War 2 was not Churchill. His greatest contribution was continuing the war against Germany when the outlook for Britain was bleak. Winston Churchill was prime minister of Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and British controlled Northen Ireland) from May 1940-July 1945. When France collapsed in May-June 1940 Churchill, who had only recently become prime minister staunchly refused to consider making peace with Germany. Britain declared war on Nazi Germany when they invaded Poland, for Britain had promised Poland they would come to their aid should Poland be invaded. The Soviet Union invaded Poland at the same time as part of a partition of Poland deal with Nazi Germany, but Britain did not declare war on the Soviet Union: one major enemy was quite enough! Indeed, Britain sent warnings from intelligence to Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union about the impending invasion of the USSR by Nazi Germany, but Stalin dismissed this as a ploy from Churchill to drag the Soviet Union into a war with Nazi Germany for Britain's benefit, and thus the warning went unheeded. As it turned out, the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany occurred, and benefited Britain greatly in terms of acquiring a powerful ally in open conflict with the Nazi Germany, a benefit that Britain could not acquire in America with America's refusal to engage in open war with Nazi Germany, for it was seen by the US as Europe's War, Europe's problem, another European war that would lead to much bloodshed as did occur with World War One. <><><> == == Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain soon after the war started because Chamberlain was not suited to be pm in wartime. == == <><><> Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of England during WWII -- thus he was the "in charge" guy when it came to making war decisions. == == <><><> In 1939 he spoke out against the government's policy towards India and as Hitler became more and more aggressive in Europe, Winston Churchill became more and more concerned about the stance taken by the then leader of the government Neville Chamberlain. From 1938 to the outbreak of war in September 1939 Churchill urged the government to be more pro-active against Hitler, including for an early call for conscription. On Sept. 3, 1939, Winston Churchill was back in the gov't when Chamberlain appointed him First Lord of the Admiralty. The seeming failure of the gov't, including the military failure in Norway in 1940, meant that criticism of Chamberlain became more robust. On May 10th, 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister and during the war, he was the most dominant figure in British politics -- a role that received huge praise once the war was over. To many people in Britain, Churchill's stand against Nazism and all it stood for, summarized why the war was being fought. His speeches have become part of legend .. be it "fight on the beaches" or his salute to the men from Fighter Command who took on the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Churchill was also in London during the Blitz and regularly visited areas bombed out by the Luftwaffe. To the people of London, he was one of them and a man who could have removed himself from dangers of German bombers, but refused to -- staying in bombed out London along with those who suffered. He also took a role in military issues. It was he who was political force behind the creation of commando units that would be sent in to disrupt the German military. He was also scathing about military defeats, call the defeat of Tobruk a "disgrace." During the war, Churchill also held a number of meetings with other wartime leaders. He met F.D. Roosevelt, the American President, on 9 occasions between 1941 and 1945; he had 5 meetings with the Russian leader Stalin between 1942-1945. For all his popularity as war leader, Churchill lost the 1945 general election to Labour's Clement Atlee. His wife told him that it might be a "blessing in disguise." Winston Churchill is said to have replied, "very well disguised." == == <><><> After holding many posts in and out of Parliament and government since WW 1 he became the Prime Minister (leader) of Parliament in Great Britain at the beginning of WW 2. At the end of the war with the first elections he as a conservative lost his position to the Labour party's leader.

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Q: What was Winston Churchill's role in World War 2?
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What was Winston churchills code name during the 2nd world war?


What was Winston churchills power during World War 2?

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Britain during WW2.

What was Winston Churchills roll in world war 2?

Prime minister of Great Britain

What was Winston churchills occupation during World War 2?

He was Prime Minister of Britain at the time.

What was Winston Churchills role int the World War 2?

As Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill helped draft the treaty to close the surrender of the Nazi's under Hitler's rule which divided Germany for post WWII.

What were some of Winston Churchills accomplishments?

Winston Churchill won the war for Britain.

What happend to Winston churchills cat during world war 2?

got hit by a 1000 pound bomb in a house it snuck into

What caused Winston churchills involvement during the war?

The resignation of Neville Chamberlain.

What was winston churhill role in world war 2?

Winston Churchill's role was that of the British Prime Minister during the war .

What was churchills role in world war 2?

He was Britain's Prime Minister from May 1940 until July 1945

Winston churchills achievements?

One of Winston Churchill's biggest achievements was becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He also won the Nobel Prize in literature and helped lead the British through World War 2.

What role did Winston Churchill have in World War 1?

He was Lord of the Admiralty.

What role did Britan play in world war 1?

Winston Churchill

What was Winston Churchill's role World War 2?

he was britan/englands general

What role did the Winston Churchill play in World War 2?

Churchill was the British prime minister

What was Winston churchill's role in world war ii?

His role was that of the British Prime Minister.

What role did Winston Churchill play in World war two?

he was the Prime minister............................... HAHA your on Novanet!

What was Sir Winston churchill's role in the world war 2?

He was the one of the guys that was in the fourteen points.

Role of Winston Churchill in World War 2?

Churchill's role was that of the British Prime Minister .

What was Churchills significance in world war 2?

He was the leader of Britain .

What was the role of Winston Churchill?

He was prime minister of Great Britain for sixty years during world war II.

Who is Winston Churchill and what was in role in World War 2?

Winston Churchill was the man who succeeded Neville Chamberlains as Prime-minister of Britain. He was invited to Buckingham Palace by King George VI to start a new government. Churchill's role in World War 2 was to lead/ inspire the British people to victory against the Nazis.

What war did Winston churchill associate with?

Winston Churchill was involved in the Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2 but he is mostly remembered for his leadership during World War 2.

What was churchills role?

As prime minister of the UK, Churchill played a great part in dismantling the Nazi machinery during World War 2. He also managed to convince the USA to drop its neutral stance and join the war in Europe.

Did winston fight during World War 2?

Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister during World War 2

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