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He was the President of the United States. Wilson was one of the crucial members of the 'Big Three' (Clemenceau, Wilson, Lloyd George) at the Paris Peace Conference that decided what should be done with Germany after WW1.

After the Germans sunk the Lusitania (a US ship with civilians on it) and they tried to send a telegram to Mexico saying if they attack the US the Germans will help and give land back to Mexico. After finding this out he decided to submit a declaration of war to Congress.

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Q: What was Woodrow Wilson's role in World War 1?
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What was Woodrow wilsons most important job?

He was US President that led the United States into World War I.

What was Woodrow Wilsons campaign slogan?

* His campaign slogan for his second term was "he kept us out of the war" meaning world war one

What was Woodrow Wilsons term called?

Woodrow Wilsons term was called "The Fourteen Points", in which he wanted to create a stable peace among naitions in Europe after World War 1. this eventualy lead to the creation of "The League of Nations"

What was the centerpiece of woodrow wilsons peace plan after the war?

the League of Nations

Woodrow wilsons goals such as peace without victory and declaring world war 1 a war to end all wars reveal his?


What was Woodrow Wilsons plan for peace following World War 1?

Woodrow Wilson didn't want another World War happening under his watch. Thus, he created the League of Nations. This is the precursor of what is the United Nations.

Would the fourteen points prevent World War 2?

World War 2 happened. Ergo, it was not prevented by Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points of Peace, as it was not prevented by anything else.

What was a major purpose of President Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points in 1918?

To set goals for acheiveing peace after World War I.

Which event most influenced president Woodrow wilsons decision to enter world war 1?

Public opinion following news of the Zimmerman telegraph.

How did the peace agreement made during the Paris peace conference differ from Woodrow wilsons fourteen points?

It officially blamed germany for causing world war 1

What quote did Woodrow Wilson say about World War I?

Woodrow Wilson said that World War 1 was "the war to end all wars."

What were Woodrow Wilson's major contributions?

Woodrow Wilson played a huge role in determining if and when America would get involved in World War I. He also fought for the League of Nations to help avert another World War which won him the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize.

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