What was Zeus' main task?

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his task was to keep the world in peace.
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What is the main task of HR Manager?

Answer . The main Task? An HR Manager is responsible for every aspect of an employee. Hiring properly firing- prperly benefits training every level of employee legal compliance (concerning employees). There is no "main task" It is a very indepth position at any company large or small ( Full Answer )

Main task of congress?

the main task of congress is to poison penut butter, sell fack colleg degries and play the bag pipe in puplic places such as your house atom brian

What is the main task of sociology?

The main task of sociology is understanding the interactions between different people and how society works as a whole. The sociologist wants to understand why people behave the way they do.

What did Zeus do?

Zeus was the King of the gods in ancient Greek mythology. See the Related Link.

What is the task of main method in a java program?

The main method of a java class is the starting point of the program execution. The code begins to execute only from the main method. Any java application would have to have a main method that performs all initializations and kick starts the process. . Ex: . public class Test { . public static vo ( Full Answer )

What is the main objective of task analysis?

There are a number of objectives for performing task analysis -- one of which is:\n. \nTo identify all facets of a task (assumptions, starting point, ending point, knowledge/ability necessary, steps, completion criteria, etc.) that can be used to build a training program for replacement workers and ( Full Answer )

What are the main tasks of the Security Council?

The UN's role in international collective security is defined by the UN Charter, which gives the Security Council the power to: . Investigate any situation threatening international peace; . Recommend procedures for peaceful resolution of a dispute; . Call upon other member nations to comple ( Full Answer )

What are the main task of sociology?

To work towards creating a society where everyone is able to have all the necessary/adequate/or even the bare ingredients needed towards getting at least - Support, Health Checks, Education, Love, Treatments, Equality and Respect

What is the task of the main method in java program?

If you run an java file(as an .class or .jar file) there's always 1 method being called: The main(String[] args) method. The method is only called once. Example of an main method: public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException { LoggingBootstrap. bootstrap (); gui = new GU ( Full Answer )

What is the task of the main method in a java program?

The main method is simply an entry point to your executable code. When you run a Java program, it looks for a main method as the first section of code to execute, which is why all of your programs start there.

What are your main tasks or responsibilities at work?

Depends on occupation since they are different for different job descriptions. This question is designed to find out what you are used to doing -- you need to answer honestly with whatever your tasks or responsibilities have been.

Describe the main administrative tasks that are part of your job role?

Answer telephone calls Prepare Outgoing post Deal with incoming post - distribute to relevantdepartments Send and respond to emails and general queries Filing Printing, Faxing, Scanning Dealing with customers face to face Dealing with complaints Writing letters Update applications on ( Full Answer )

Main tasks of operating system?

\nAccording to Andrew Tannenbaum, the creator of Minix and the author of Operating Systems: Design and Implementation , the two chief tasks of an operating system. \n. \nThe first function is to provide an abstraction layer above the hardware that is easier to program than the bare hardware. By pr ( Full Answer )

Main tasks of operating system of a computer?

Main work of OS 1. Work as a resource manager. Manage all the resources in efficient manner. 2. Provide an interface by which user can interact with computer hardware. 3. Provide platform for running application software.

What was the main task of the second contineltal congress?

The second continental congress was responsible for managing the revolutionary war effort by directing the army, appointing delegates, signing treaties and agreements culminating in the adoption of the declaration of independence on July 4th, 1776.

What was the main task of the Civilian Conservation Corps?

The main task of the Civilian Conservation Corps was to give menwork during the Great Depression. It also served as a trainingground for the military. It was run as a military organization.When World War II came, there was a ready cadre of people with amilitary type background.

What are the main tasks of a roman governor?

Keep the peace. Collect the taxes. Protect the populace from external aggression. Ensure the local governance system is operated fairly by the normal system for the area. Enrich himself, but not excessively.

Main task regularly performed in kitchen?

SKIPPY! "MAIN TASK REGULARLY PERFORMED IN A KITCHEN?" does not be come a question just because you use a question mark. You need an interrogative. EXAMPLES who is the main task regularly performed in a kitchen when is the main task regularly performed in a kitchen why is the main task regularl ( Full Answer )

The main task of a project manager?

Ten of the most frequent tasks are: . Work related to the responsibility and accountability for the successful delivery of the project outputs; . Work related to the direction and motivation of the project team; . Managing the Stakeholder relationships; . Producing and taking ownership of the P ( Full Answer )

The main task of the Lewis and Clark expedition was to do what?

The expedition's goal as stated by President Jefferson was "to explore the Missouri River, & such principal stream of it as, by its course & communication with the water of the Pacific ocean may offer the most direct & practicable water communication across this continent, for the purposes of commer ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Zeus?

Beyond the last star. Beyond the last galaxy. Where no mortal can see or be. *Another way to "find" Zeus of course is to read all the old greek myths. For many people they hold incredible meaning even today and the gods are truly multi-dimensional characters. (For the Poptropica character, see ( Full Answer )

What is the main task of leaves?

The main task of leaves is to collect energy from the sun through photosynthesis. Cells in leaves contain organelles called chloroplasts, which in turn contain chlorophyll, which gives leaves their green color. The chloroplasts use the energy from the sun to synthesize glucose from carbon dioxide an ( Full Answer )

What is Zeus' main weapon?

Yes he had a lightning bolt as his weapons but his main weapon was his 20 foot long master bolt

What are the main tasks of a volcanologist?

There are around fifteen main tasks of a volcanologist. Some of the tasks are hiking through mountains in all kinds of weather, lab work, and looking through microscopes analyzing mineral elements from rock formations.

Is the main Statue of Zeus at Olympia still standing?

i think so if greek people believe in so and so and if they believe that it should be there because there religion is something special for everyone and need to believe in so and so...

Why were Poseiden Zeus and Hades the main three gods?

They were the sons of Cronus who had been king of the Titans and ruler of the universe before the brothers warred against the Titans and won, in winning they had the right to rule each choosing one realm, to Zeus the heavens, Hades the Underworld, and Poseidon the sea.

What is the main task done by the Schooba iRobot?

The Schooba iRobot is primarily an automated vacuum cleaner. It cannot perform any other household tasks and costs around $700-$1,000 depending on the exact model you get.

What are the main challenges and tasks of scientific management?

The main challenges and tasks of scientific management include choosing a system to select employees in a scientific manner and selecting a system to scientifically train workers as well. This is difficult because workers are different and respond differently to management styles.

What is the main task of a competitor analysis?

A competitor analysis is a person hired to figure out what the competitors are doing and how the company they work for will counter that competition. Essentially they investigate and suggest creative ideas to outdo the competition.

What are the main tasks in a babysitter job?

The main tasks in a baby sitter job include feeding the baby, play with the baby, sleep with the baby. Those actions are more parent-like since the baby sitters need to be caring toward the babies.

What are the main tasks of a clinical research manager?

The main tasks of a clinical research manager are the following: overseer all the research done and put all research into a timetable so that no research clashes and all research is done on time.