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They had a navy, more money, and more men.


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The British were better trained in their army

The British had an advantage over the Colonist during the American Revolutionary war. The British army was already formed and well trained. They had artillery power as well.

One advantage the British had during the American Revolutionary War was that they were both well-trained and well-equipped. The British also had a superior Navy and was able to keep their supply lines protected. A third advantage was that they had people in the colonies that were loyal to the British throne. These people provided information to the British troops and fought along side them in the war.

One major advantage they had was that they had more weapons like cannons.

The British wore redcoats during The Revolutionary War

Yes. The British issued counterfeit Continental money during the Revolutionary War.

Henry Clinton was a British general during the Revolutionary War.

The British held several advantages and disadvantages during the Revolutionary War. One advantage was that Britain had one of the most fearsome armies in the world at that time. A disadvantage was that they were not very familiar with the terrain of America, which made it easier for the militias to ambush the British.

The french fought along side the Colonist against the British during the Revolutionary War.

The native americans mainly sided with the British during the revolutionary war.

The Battles of Saratoga (September 19 and October 7, 1777)were British victorious in during revolutionary war.

Native Americans helped the British during the war.

Support from the French Fighting defensive war

There were many British generals at this time.

African-Americans during the Revolutionary War supported the British/Loyalists.

During the Revolutionary War, red.

Regular supplies Experience with guerilla-style tactics Knowledge of terrain Help from France

If you were a patriot, then you fought the British. If you were the British, then you fought the patriots.

The British attempted to control the colonists during the revolutionary war by blocking off their harbors, and by quartering soldiers within the colonists' house.

A person who wanted the colonies to remain part of the British Empire The word loyalist means that American colonist the have stayed loyal to the British. This was during the Revolutionary War.

Joseph Brant was the Native American chief that served as a British army officer during the Revolutionary War.

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