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What was a Kapo or Capo in the Holocaust?


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A Capo (or Kapo) was a prisoner trusted by the SS and given various duties and privileges. At many camps Capos were in charge of the distribution of food in a block (at the the camp) and had the right to whip prisoners for minor breaches of discipline.

One of the more revolting features of the Holocaust was that the victims, viewed collectively, were forced to collaborate with their own destruction.

A few Capos seem to have collaborated quite happily(!), and some were tried and convicted of various crimes after the war. A few were hanged.


A concentration camp prisoner who took charge of other prisoners for the Nazis in order to gain personal power or advantage from his or her captors.


Kapos were the inmate trustees who carried out the instructions of the
camp commandants and concentration camp guards.

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A Kapo was a prisoner who was placed in charge of other prisoners. Itwas a method used to mean that the guards needed to do less to keep control/discipline of the prisoners, if the kapo did not do a good enough job, then he was replaced.

Kapo is actually derived from the French word for 'corporal' (Caporal) or the Italian word 'Capo'. In German it means 'foreman'.

A Kapo (sometimes spelled Capo) was a trusted prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. Kapos were given various privileges and had to supervise other prisoners, maintain discipline, distribute food and so on. Many abused their power, of course, and ill-treated the other prisoners ... A Kapo was not a soldier and had no standing outside the camp.

· kapo - a concentration camp inmate appointed by SS to be in charge of other inmates.

A Polish kapo was a kapo (overseer of the prisoners in concentration camps) that was Polish.

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Hysni Kapo was born in 1915.

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In Nazi concentration camps a pipel was a boy (usually in early adolescence) kept by an SS guard or a kapo for sex. This was tolerated at some camps.

A Blockältester ('block senior') was a trusted prisoner in charge of a 'block'. He was appointed by the SS and had considerable power over the other prisoners in the block, usually including the right to whip them. His powers were broadly the same as those of a Kapo (Capo), except that the latter was (ususally) a gangmaster in charge of a working party possibly consisting of men from several blocks.

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The word kapo is a noun. It was the name given to a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp.

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Kapo n - In a Concentration Camp a Prison, usually a criminal is put in charge of a work group or other prisoners.

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Idek was a Kapo. He was the one Elie saw with the polish girl half naked. Being a Kapo idek was a prisoner but was forced to work.

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