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The US Army classifies firearms qualifications in three classes. Expert- top scores, Sharpshooter- high ability but not expert, Marksman- the lowest ability but still qualified. You may mean the M-1 Carbine issued to officers and soldiers not on front line combat duty. It was a short, light weapon firing basically a 30 caliber pistol round...intended for short range and without much knock down power. An Expert Carbine Sharpshooter was someone who had scored a minimum set score on the firing range with a carbine at a certain distance. "Sharpshooters" qualified with different weapons and some with several weapons. Each soldier who passed the qualification test for firearms qualification was issued a special badge that was worn under the ribbons on the LEFT HAND pocket. The Marksman badge was a simple Maltese cross. The badge for the Sharpshooter was a Maltese cross with a target superimposed over the center of the cross. The Expert badge was a smaller version of the Sharpshooter cross with a wreath around it. During WW2, each of these 3 types of qualification badges had small loops under them for a "hangar" that was a small rectangle plaque engraved with the weapon that the soldier qualified with. It was possible to be qualified in more than 1 weapon skill and so an additional plaque was hung under the the previous one.

The weapons that were the badges were issued for included the following (this list is not all conclusive). RIFLE





BAYONET = Not sure how you qualified for this 1.

PISTOL-D = Cavalry troop firing dismounted

CARBINE-D = Cavalry troop firing dismounted




There was one for anti-aircraft gunner. Another type of Qualification badge that was issued was for Drivers. This too had hangars that displayed the type of equipment that he qualified for.

Then another was Army Aviation Mechanic Qualification Badge. I think the answer you are seeking is that an Army Expert Shooter in the Carbine classification was a soldier who had met the highest grade of qualifications for the Carbine (most likely the M-1) on a firing range. This qualification did NOT have any relavance to his combat experience.


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Q: What was a World War 2 Expert Carbine Sharpshooter?
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What is Carbine Expert first Class in the army mean?

The only carbine that the US Army officially issued as standard issue was the US M-1 (or M-2 fully auto) Carbine. This was a WW2 and Korean War carbine. US Army marksmanship badges during the Vietnam War (M-14 & M-16 Rifles) were: Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman. The M-1 Garand Rifle is not to be confused with the M-1 Carbine. Both were general issue at the same time in both Korea and WW2; for the both the US Army and the US Marine Corps. The M-1 Rifle used a 30-06 cartridge and the M-1 Carbine used a cartridge about the size of a pistol/revolver .357 magnum cartridge. If a man has one of those "Carbine Expert 1st Class" badges, then it probably came from the Korean War/WW2 era; when those weapons were general issue.

What was a World War 2 Expert Rifle Marksman Badge and how did it influence a soldiers duty during World War 2?

it was awarded to soldiers who qualify for shooting a rifle. They offered three different qualifications, Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how it influenced the ones on duty.

What is a World War II army sharpshooter badge worth?

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Under a World War 2 military qualification what does 03 rifle mkm 146 mean?

The standard rifle issued to military personnel was the M-14. It may be in reference to that, but it could also be referring to a rifle range score, marksman (as opposed to sharpshooter or expert) with a score of 146.

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M1 grand, Thompson sub machine gun, m1 carbine, 1911 pistol.

Was your M1 Carbine 15-round clip with BW printed on the back made in World War 2?

Yes, and it was made by Winchester. BW is the Winchester code.

What was standard World War 2 issued American rifle?

m1 garand or the m1a1 carbine were the standard issue combat rifles. they were the semi automatic rifles of their time

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All US Military M1 Carbines were built during WW 2. The only ones built after the war were civilian copies.My research indicates that your serial number was assigned to the Inland division of general motors for the time span of Jan.1944-Aug.1944.The serial number range was 4,875,526-5,589,820.All serial numbers were assigned to blocks of serial numbers by the War department,and then issued to all manufactures of the M-1 Carbine.There were 9 different manufactures of the M-1 carbine during World War II.