What was a World War 2 Expert Carbine Sharpshooter?

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The US Army classifies firearms qualifications in three classes. Expert- top scores, Sharpshooter- high ability but not expert, Marksman- the lowest ability but still qualified. You may mean the M-1 Carbine issued to officers and soldiers not on front line combat duty. It was a short, light weapon firing basically a 30 caliber pistol round...intended for short range and without much knock down power. An Expert Carbine Sharpshooter was someone who had scored a minimum set score on the firing range with a carbine at a certain distance. "Sharpshooters" qualified with different weapons and some with several weapons. Each soldier who passed the qualification test for firearms qualification was issued a special badge that was worn under the ribbons on the LEFT HAND pocket. The Marksman badge was a simple Maltese cross. The badge for the Sharpshooter was a Maltese cross with a target superimposed over the center of the cross. The Expert badge was a smaller version of the Sharpshooter cross with a wreath around it. During WW2, each of these 3 types of qualification badges had small loops under them for a "hangar" that was a small rectangle plaque engraved with the weapon that the soldier qualified with. It was possible to be qualified in more than 1 weapon skill and so an additional plaque was hung under the the previous one.

The weapons that were the badges were issued for included the following (this list is not all conclusive). RIFLE
BAYONET = Not sure how you qualified for this 1.
PISTOL-D = Cavalry troop firing dismounted
CARBINE-D = Cavalry troop firing dismounted

There was one for anti-aircraft gunner. Another type of Qualification badge that was issued was for Drivers. This too had hangars that displayed the type of equipment that he qualified for.
Then another was Army Aviation Mechanic Qualification Badge. I think the answer you are seeking is that an Army Expert Shooter in the Carbine classification was a soldier who had met the highest grade of qualifications for the Carbine (most likely the M-1) on a firing range. This qualification did NOT have any relavance to his combat experience.

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What were the names of the companies that made the 30 cal carbine that was used in World War 2?

Answer . Inland Mfg., Dayton Ohio\nWinchester Arms, New Haven, Conn,\nSaginaw Steering Gear, Grand\nRapids, Michigan\nUnderwood-Eliot-Fisher, \nHartford, Conn.\nRochester Defense Corp.,\nRochester, New York\nQuality Hardware Corp., Chicago\nRock-Ola Corp., Chicago\nNational Postal Meter Corp.,\nR ( Full Answer )

What is a World War 2 30 caliber carbine worth?

Answer . \nAt least $350 even for a mixed-parts gun. All matching M1 Carbines in the rarer variations can bring $1500 or maybe more.\n. \nsales@countrygunsmith.net

Why was World War 2 called World War 2?

It's called WW2 because it was the second world war to have happened. It, at the end, had involved over 70 countries, which included us. And those 6 countries above, yeah, they were not the only ones involved, nor are they, combined, close to half the world. However, they were indeed in WW2 along wi ( Full Answer )

Was World War 2 a fair war?

Answer . Nothing is ever fair in love and war. . Of course not. The Japanese 'sneak' attack on Pearl Harbor was anything but fair. But war is never 'fair.'

M1 carbine barrel manfacturers after World War 2.?

Here is a list of companies that dealt with parts for M1 carbines after WWII. (Source: Wikipedia) . Alpine of Azusa, Calif. [73] . AMAC or Jacksonville, Ark. (acquired Iver Johnson Arms) [74] . AMPCO of Miami, Fla. [75] . Bullseye Gun Works of Miami, Fla. [76] . Crosman Air Rifle; ( Full Answer )

Why have many experts traced the conflict between Palestine and Israel that has been in the news for years back to World War 2?

Answer 1 Because it is such an important piece of history and it will neverstop being in the news until the war between them finally comes toan end. Answer 2 The argument that most experts who trace the Israeli-PalestinianConflict to World War II makes is that the Holocaust (the genocide,predomi ( Full Answer )

What was the war after World War 2?

The "war" after World War II was the mainly covert conflict calledthe Cold War . The first major war included in that conflict(communists vs anti-communists) was the Korean War (1950-1953). The Cold War was only a name given to the standoff between theUnited Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R/Rus ( Full Answer )

What was wizard war in World War 2?

' The Wizard War ' was used to describe the British Air Ministry's Scientific Intelligence's efforts to discover, and develop means of disrupting, Germany's attempts to set up electronic navigation and bombing 'beams' for their bombers. After successfully achieving this, the organisation went on to ( Full Answer )

When did the war end World War 2?

1. Your question doesn't make sense. 2. WWII ended in 1945 3. Why don't people just use Google to answer these questions, it would be so much quicker, and you would get so much more information!

Was World war 2 total war?

Total war is when a country utilises all of its resources (economic, human labour, military) for a war effort. World War II was a total war for most of its participants, including Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, USA and Australia. Notably, Germany did not enter a state of total war until 1943. T ( Full Answer )

Why was World War 2 a world war?

At the start of World War II in 1939 it was limited to just a European war, with the British & French calling it a "phoney war". It wasn't until the wars of Asia & Europe joined up it was then classed as a world war. In context, World War II was a "World War" because of all of the country's that w ( Full Answer )

What were World War 2 war bonds?

War bonds were issued to the citizens of the U.S. so say you bout 5 dollars in several years you could get that money back and more it was used to fund the military. Thank you.

Who paid for the war in World War 2?

In Germany Hitler put people in povert to factories to produce weapons and such, this actually increased their economy

What was World War 2 after the war?

After WWII ended in 1945, came the Korean War in 1950. Improvements of the answer: the WWII did end in 1943, However it was only the German question left which was argued in the different conferences between 1943-45. and the conferences and different ideologies between the Capatilist USA and C ( Full Answer )

What is Star Wars in World War 2?

If your question is related to the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) that was created by U.S. President Ronald Regan on March 23, 1983 (also called Star Wars) then search that. If your question is how Star Wars is related to WWII and the inspirations that WWII gave to the movie.... 1. Darth Vade ( Full Answer )

What is Carbine Expert first Class in the army mean?

The only carbine that the US Army officially issued as standard issue was the US M-1 (or M-2 fully auto) Carbine. This was a WW2 and Korean War carbine. US Army marksmanship badges during the Vietnam War (M-14 & M-16 Rifles) were: Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman.. The M-1 Garand Rifle is not to ( Full Answer )

Was the M1 Carbine an affective weapon in World War 2?

I'm sure there are hundreds of different opinions on the effectiveness of the M1 carbine. My father was in 4 campaigns of the European theatre and he would not carry the M1A1 carbine issued to him because of the lack of stopping power. He either used the M1 rifle or Thompson SMG. Mostly the Thompson ( Full Answer )

Why World War I and World War 2 were not the same war?

World War 1 and 2 were not the same war because of the different underlying reasons for each war. Although World War 1 was a cause of World war 2 it was not the only cause. The other causes were. . Appeasement, Isolationism, and the Failure of the League of Nations . The Treaty of Versailles wa ( Full Answer )

Which war was the deadliest World War I or world war 2?

World War 1 is estimated to have killed about 70 million people, and WWII is estimated to be around 80 million including civilians and PoW's. So WWII was the deadliest. I agree that WWII its much more deadly because in this era, there was Great Depression which cause a lot of economical problems t ( Full Answer )

Who was at war World War 2?

The main countries were Italy, Germany, Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, Japan, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor, America

How was World War 2 a world war?

It was a world war because it involved all the worlds superpowers and was fought throughout the world eg. Western and Eastern European theater, North African theater, Pacific theater etc.

What war appeared after World War 2?

The Cold War started before WWII ever ended when Stalin ceased the nations he conquered fighting against the Nazis. Next, came the Korean War when the United States fought against communist North Korea.

How was World War 2 a necessary war?

World War 2 completely neccessary and by the time war was declared, nothing could have been done to stop it. Japan was making huge military campaigns in Asia and has massed vast land from other countries. Japan even invaded China and pushed deep into their land. Their territorial gains were huge. ( Full Answer )

What was the background of the war of World War 2?

Germany had been humilitated from the defeat of World War 1, and Hitler used this to portray a hatred on Jews and a large-scale conquest. The German people were tricked by Hitler and then invaded several other countries. After the invasion of Poland, many countries jumped to its rescue (although Pol ( Full Answer )

What wars lead to World War 2?

Well, the wars that were created in the World War II was the Holocaust, when the Soviet Union tried to spread communism throughout the entire world, the Vietnam War and the Korean War. I just learned this is History class :] so likee..hope it helpss.?? :DD

Who were Britain in war with in World War 2 and why?

Britain was at war with Germany because Germany tried to invade Britain. - This isn't the reason. Britain Poland and France signed a pact in August 1939 whereby Britain and France would support Poland should they be attacked by another European power. This was as a result of Czechoslovakia being ann ( Full Answer )

What does World War I have that World War 2 does not have?

World war 1 had Trench Warfare and World war 2 didn't really have that, thus World War 2 was much more mobile. WW1 used chemical weapons, which WW2 didn't, mainly because Hiltler banned their use after he had experienced the terrible effects of gas when he served on The Western Front in WW1. WW2 ( Full Answer )

Who were England in war with in World War 2?

During the Second World War, England was allied with Soviet Russia, Canada, the free French, the United States and many other countries in Europe and throughout the world. The Allies (including England) were at war with Germany, Italy, and Japan, which formed the Axis Powers.

What war come after World War 2?

For United States it was the Cold War and than Korea War. US: Korea, Vietnam, Op Urgent Fury, Op Just Cause, Op Desert Storm, Op Iraqi Freedom, Op Enduring Freedom CAN: Korea, various UN Missions, Op Desert Storm, Op Enduring Freedom England: Korea, various un Missions, Op Corporate (Falklands W ( Full Answer )

What did a pilot have to do to be considered an expert in World War 1?

Go through a grueling flight course. Instructed to do loops and hit long range targets at distance. Otherwise you were put in with a regular bomber or fighter squad. If you happen to pass the course and you were really good they would sometimes promote you to flight leader. As long as you outfly oth ( Full Answer )

World War 2 carbines of Germany?

Karabiner 1898a Karabiner 1898b Karabiner 1898 kurz Karabiner 408 Karabiner 409 Karabiner 410 Karabiner 411(n) Karabiner 412(n) Karabiner 413(n) Karabiner 414(n) Karabiner 415 Karabiner 416 Karabiner 451 Karabiner 453 Karabiner 454 Karabiner 457 Karabiner Karabiner 505 Karabiner 506/1 Karabiner 506 ( Full Answer )

How many wars were in World War 2?

There was the Pacific Campaign against Japan, by the United States. Then there was the European Campaign against Hitler and his European ally by the United States, Soviet Russia, Great Britain and their allies.

What 2 materials are carbines made of?

Carbines, being a type of firearm, usually have the barrel and action made of steel and stocks made of either wood or plastic.

Were there explosive experts in World War 2?

Oh, yes. In any war zone unexploded ordinance is a constant problem. Bomb Disposal was a very highly paid - but nerve-wracking - area of service. Each army had many of them.

Who was at war in the beginning of World War 2?

Nazi-Germany and Poland (the annexations of Austria ("the Anschluss") in 1938 and parts of Czecho-Slovakia in 1939, were not acts of war). Then France and Britain declared war on Germany.

What were the wars before World War 2?

well we cant go thru every war before ww2 but ill tell a couple ww1 obviously the crimean war. That would be basically every single war. ---------------------------------- Ok mostly for fun Wars with a major effect on the global situation only - this is probably a bit subjective, Western Europe ( Full Answer )

Was World War 2 a nuclear war?

Yes because the American bomber aircraft dropped two atomic bombs in Japan but now the atomic bombs are called nuclear bombs, the first nuclear weapon was ever invented.

Was the phony war in World War 2?

the period in 1939 and 40 where the Germans had not yet reached the coast and therefore had no means to attack the british by air

What war was in World War 2?

There was the war between the bad (Japan and Germany or nazis)and the rest of the world.

How was World War 2 a good war?

Probably, in the eyes of a German in the 30's, it was a good war because Germany was becoming the most powerful country in the world. But, it wasn't a good war because millions of people ended up dead, families were split, homes demolished and billions of dollars wasted.

Why was there a war in World War 2?

The war in the Pacific happened because the Japanese wanted oil from the United States but we wouldn't give them any i guess. The war in Europe happened because Adolf Hitler wanted to control the world. Start of Pacific war: 1941 Start of Europe war: 1936?

Where was the war of World War 2?

As the name "World War" suggests, it involved most of the world. Major areas of combat included Europe, Africa, Asia, with some combat in North and South America.

Where did the war spread to in World War 2?

World War 2 was fought basically every where except Antarctica there was fighting in South America, Pacific islands, mainland Asia, North Africa, Madagascar, Europe.

Was my M1 Carbine with Serial Number 5147455 built in World War 2?

All US Military M1 Carbines were built during WW 2. The only ones built after the war were civilian copies.My research indicates that your serial number was assigned to the Inland division of general motors for the time span of Jan.1944-Aug.1944.The serial number range was 4,875,526-5,589,820.All se ( Full Answer )

Why is World War 2 the worst war?

More people were killed than any other conflict. Civilians were targets. Technology offered extensive ways of killing people that had never been seen before. Eugenics prompted the "Final Solution" which excused the killing of the Polish, Gypsies, and other ethnic groups. The world was already grippe ( Full Answer )

What have we learned about war from World War 2?

The value of tanks in war was a major lesson in the early parts of the war. The new armored doctrine is rather then support infantry (as was in wwi) to divisions o their own. The role of tanks became to quickly take ground while fast moved mechanized (mobile with vehicles) infantry follow afterward ( Full Answer )