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What was a cause of the Yamasee War in Carolina?


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October 28, 2014 8:14PM

Yamasee War in Carolina

The cause of the Yamasee War was that the colinists were taking to much land and never gave any back.

Correct Answer: It is a little more in depth than that. The South Carolina government known as the Lord Proprietors had a agreement with the Yamassee in a form of a treaty to keep all of their coastal land in between the Combahee and the Savannah river. No one was to encroach on the Yamassee land or pass through according to the Treaty. The only buildings that could be built were churches! Constant violations by South carolina citizens forced the Yamassee to attempt a peaceful resolution with appointed agents that represented South Carolina. Enraged that nothing would come from their meeting with the Indian agents, the Yamassee went on a war path of destruction, killing hundreds of South Carolina citizens with the aide of other tribes from various regions. This war was considered one of the most bloodiest compared to King Phillips. (Yamassee War of 1715) more information on the Yamassee can be found on their official website or go into google books and type in Yamassee