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What was a nickname for a German cannon that hurled an 1800 pound shell a distance of nine miles that was named after the wife of Gustav Krupp?

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June 07, 2009 3:12AM

Big Bertha When I was a student, I lived in a Methodist Theological College. Principal of the college was Norman Snaith, one of the world's foremost Hebrew scholars. It was Norman who translated the whole of the book of Daniel for the New English Bible. Norman's first degree, however, was neither in Hebrew nor in Theology, but in, of all things, ballistics. He was brilliant at that, too. During the first World War, the French authorities were anxious to pinpoint the location of the gun that was lobbing shells into the suburbs of Paris. Norman was called in, and asked for a map of Paris showing the location of all the shell-bursts so far. From this pattern he was able to tell the French authorities exacty where the gun was located. This piece of artillery was actually a howitzer, and, though the weight of the projectile and its range are a bit overstated, they're close enough. By using the link below, you can get specifics and even see a picture of this field piece.