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A Pipel was a young or adolescent boy (perhaps 12-15) who was 'favoured' by an SS man and had to - well - go for 'long walks in the woods' with him. One of the only two known survivors from Chelmno was a Pipel. Sometimes it really was a matter of life or death.

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Who is pipel in the book night?

Pipel is the young boy who gets hanged at Buna.

Who is the pipel in the night?

In the novel, Night, the young pipel is not given a name. He is an assistant at Buna, and ends up receiving a death sentence for sabotage.

What was a pipel in the Holocaust?

In Nazi concentration camps a pipel was a boy (usually in early adolescence) kept by an SS guard or a kapo for sex. This was tolerated at some camps.

Why does the hanging of the pipel stay in elie's mind?

The loss of this young boy symbolizes the death of Elie's innocence.

Why was the pipel hanged in Night by Elie Wiesel?

The boy's protector, who was a prisoner trusted by the Nazis, was found to be in possession of firearms ...

How did elie say the soup tasted the night the pipel?

He said it tasted of corpses. "That night, the soup tasted of corpses." Page65.

Who was the person hanged in the book Night by Elie Wiesel?

He is referred to as "the pipel." The pipel was a young boy, maybe 13 or 14. He served under one of the heads of the blocks. Generally, the heads of the blocks were ruthless. However, this boy was a innocent, kind one. He was hung because the SS thought that he was leading a resistance force.

Why did the hanging of the young pipel affect Elie so deeply?

Partly because he was so young and partly because it took him a long time to die.

Why was the servant boy hung in the novel night?

The boy was a pipel and he was hung because he and the kapo were part of an underground force at Auschwitz that were planning to over take the camp, but failed.

Why dont seeds start to grow in their packets?

Well this quston is esy pipel ahhh seeds need water to begin to germinate. Just soak the packet and watch.

In the novel night by Elie Wiesel how did Elie say the soup tasted the night the pipel young servant boy was hanged?

That night, Elie said the soup tasted of corpses.

What was Elie so mad about on pages 63-65 in night?

At first he was uncaring about the other hangings but when the "pipel" was to be hanged, everyone was upset (not mad) because he was "..beloved by all.."

Who were the 2 survivors in Chelmno?

Mordechai PodchlebnikSimon SrebnikAs far as I know, Srebnik was a 'pipel' and one of the SS men who had taken him off to the woods for 'long walks' let him escape.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wan Pipel - 1976?

The cast of Wan Pipel - 1976 includes: Genti Asha Bharosa as Rubia Borger Breeveld as Roy Paragh Chotkan Diana Dobbelman Diana Gangaron Panday as Rubia Henk Gopali Ruben Jitan Amalia Macnack Juan Mungroo Ruud Mungroo as Norman Percy Muntslag Dick Scheffer Djardj Soekhlall Otto Sterman as Mr. Frenkel Lilian van Aerde Willeke van Ammelrooy as Karina

How were teenage males treated in concentration camps?

That varied. Teenagers aged 15+ had to work. A very small number of boys (usually 12-15) became Pipel ...Obviously, at extermination camps everyone was shot or gassed as soon as practical after arrival.

What does the authors mean when he says after the handing of the youth from Warsaw that the soup tasted excellent that evening yet after the pipel was hanged the soup tasted of corpses?

He has faith in Hitler, not necessarily in a good way, but because Hitler had not failed to keep his promise, and because God had not saved the Jews yet, therefore, the Jewish people lost their faith in God, and had a neutral faith in Hitler

Why did Elie cry during the hanging?

Some say, Eliezer cried because the hanging of the young pipel hurt everybody. The child was a favorite among everybody and and he looked so angel-like Others may see it as more symbolic. Elie cried because the child was like an angel. This was, in fact his God dying in front of everyone, admitting defeat, saying he's not helping, it is not coming.

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How many prisoners were in Chelmno?

I don't know how many but I know that at least 153,000 people were killed in Chelmno.___Chelmno the first Nazi extermination camp ('killing facility') and the aim was to kill the new arrivals within 24-48 hours of arrival. It did not have a permament population of prisoners, apart from a small group that had to dig graves in a nearby forest and bury the dead. It was not a camp in any conventional sense. The estimated death toll was - as stated above - 153,000 and the were only two (!) known survivors. One of these was a 'pipel'.

What does Elie Wiesel reactions suggest about how he is changing?

if you read a few pages before, Wiesel once stated that he found "the soup excellent one evening" after witnessing some hangings of adult prisoners. You see, he did not care that they were hung. They were adults. They committed a crime and thus had to be punished. Because they were adults, they presumbly lived their lives. Now let's look at the pipel...Keep in mind that the pipel was a young boy. It's a heinous sight as it is to see a young child killed before a person's eyes. When Wiesel saw him die, he felt bad and sorrowful. How can a child commit a crime and be punished severely? Here is a quote that may explain why Wiesel wrote that statement:"To hang a young boy in front of thousands of spectators was no light matter. The head of the camp read the verdict. All eyes were on the child. He was lividly pale, almost calm, biting his lips. The gallows threw its shadow over him".So you see, Wiesel felt horribly bad that a child died for something he did not understand and perhaps did not commit. The soup, which once tasted excellent, now "tasted of corpses" because Wiesel's mind was filled with guilt and remorse.

List the character of a person from a book called ''NIGHT'' by Elie Wiesel?

1. Elie 2. Elie's father 3. Franek 4. Gestapo 5. Idek 6. Juliek 7. Kapos 8. Madame Schachter 9. Moshe the Beadle 10. Meir Katz 11. Dr. Mengele 12. "the pipel" 13. Rabbi Elahou (& sons) 14. SS Officers 15. Stein 16. the dentist 17. the French girl 18. the gypsy 19. Zalman 20. Tzipora 21. Tibi and Yossi

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