What was a radioactive element that the atomic bomb was made from?

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Uranium and Plutonium
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Elements in atomic bomb?

Atomic bombs contain uranium (highly enriched in the isotope 235 U) or plutonium (a very specific isotopic composition).

Radioactivity is a characteristic of elements with what atoms?

Radioactive elements are ones that have too many or two few protons and/or neutrons to achieve stability. For any normally stable isotope, adding or removing neutrons will mak

Are radioactive elements made in a laboratory?

What an interesting question. The answer is however complex. It is possible to make small amounts of some radioactive elements or radioactive isotopes of some elements in

Elements in the first atomic bomb?

The 1st atomic bomb codenamed the "Gadget" was exploded on July 16, 1945 SW of Socorro, New Mexico. It was an implosion type bomb using Plutonium 239 . It was a test of nucle

What elements on the periodic table made the atomic bomb?

uranium, an element that only previously found major use as a pottery glaze and component in some steel alloys. it was either used directly, after expensive enrichment in it
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What elements does the atomic bomb use?

There are many different elements involved in the construction of an atomic bomb, but the elements that actually cause an atomic explosion are either uranium (specifically the
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Does the atomic bomb need radioactivity to exist?

Yes, not only radioactivity but the fuel must be fissile. If we happened to live on a much older earth, both nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs would be impossible as the Ur