What was an antique spooner used for?

The "Spooner" or Spoon Jar as we called it was used to hold tea spoons and kept on the kitchen or dining table. Remember, kitchens were not configured the way they are today. Cutlery was often stored in a chest, in a pantry away from the hands of children. Since the tea spoon is used for so many things and so often during the day, it was inconvenient to go to the chest every time one was needed. Therefore, the spoons were stored in the Spooner where they were readily available.

My grandmother always had a jar of spoons on her table. It wasn't fancy like the cut glass antiques being sold in antique stores and on line - more like a cheese crock - but it served the same purpose. A spoon was always there to add sugar to our tea, sprinkle on our oatmeal or serve up a dose of castor oil.

It's a sweet memory for me.