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rack roasted meats, fish, pâtés made of various meats, lard and veg, rice and lots of different beans, usually just mixed together into a more-or-less edible stew. luckily enough, with these rations comes (if at all possible) a serving of 'pinard', the cheap wine issued to all French forces, the British troops get something similar to this, called vin blanc.

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Q: What was an average meal dduring World War 1?
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i really dont know prob stew that's what it said on some other website

What was a typical meal like for World War 1 soldiers?


What was the average age of the people who fought in World War I?

you had to be 18-41 to be in world war 1 so about 23 on average.

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there was time to cook a quick meal if you wonted to by chloe simmonds

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Wool Clothes

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16 - 18

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5 mph

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The average is 23, now the youngests were 17, and oldests 40.