US Civil War

What was an impact of the Civil War?


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Depends which Civil War you are referring to. There have been hundreds.

  • English Civil War
  • War of the Roses
  • American Civil War
  • Crimean Civil War
  • Etc

Re-ask with the missing information.

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he did a lot of things to impact the war he killed lots of men

The civil war ended with the union army defeating the confederacy.

The federalist party was dead before the Civil War started, it died down in 1820, the civil war started in 1861.

The Civil War generated a huge growth of the Northern industrial economy.

The impact that the Civil War had on the North and the South was: North: * North abolished slavery after the war because of the Emancipation Proclamation South * South grew poor * South experienced inflation

The impact from the Civil War for civil rights gave former slaves their freedom, but soon after, segregation took its place and it wasn't until the 1960s that African-Americans really got their rights for good.

Since the US Civil War was fought in the US, and the most widely place called Oxford is in England, the one would have had little if any impact on the other.

The invention that had a huge impact on the economy of the southern US before the Civil War is Eli Whitney's cotton gin.

it was the frist battle in the civil war

it helped during the civil war

They had their way with President Lincoln

After the war, the south rejoined the north, and slavery was emancipated.

supplies and soldiers were easier to move by railroad during the war

the englissh civil war impact on us today because look around where ur at look where u live at look where ur are or will be at............................. i rest my case

Well the impact that was left on the Civil War from the 54th Massachusetts regiment was known as scary or terrifying, but that is all nonsense because... this is boring, look it up, dumbo!

impact on the south and north were many like the amenment .

The Civil War freed the slaves and also brought the nation closer together. Before the Civil War people would say, "The United States are..." instead of, "The United States is..."

Any major civil war in any nation has a terrible impact on that nation. Whatever the results of the war may be, loss of life and property are terrible. The effects on a society can last decades.

Guns had been fired. It meant the war really was on.

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