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It went by the Federal Army, Northern Army, U.S. Army, and the National Army, but the first two are most correct.


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ARMY OF THE POTOMAC was the major Union Army in the eastern theater of the American Civil War

There were at times several Union armies operating in the Eastern Theater of the US Civil War. The main one was the Army of the Potomac. Other Union armies in the east were the Army of the James, and the Army of Virginia.

Other names for the Union were the Republic or simply the United States.

The Union was the name of the North. The Confederacy was the name of the South.

If by union you mean the country in post civil war times, The confederate states of America

Army of the Potomac was the name of the Union Army of the East.

A Union Army general by the name of Burnside popularized them during America's Civil War.

It was called The Army of The Potomac.

The civil war was the name of the war?

The United States of America instead of the Confederate States or the North.

Within the large parameters of the Confederate military, there were any number of names given to large armies in the US Civil War. For example, two large Southern armies were the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee.

Every battle fought by the Army of Northern Virginia was against the Union army.

Ulysses S. Grant was the Commanding General of the Union army during the American Civil War. His name begins with the letter U.

The Union General of the Army of the Potomac was General Robert E. Lee. The name was changed to Army of Northern Virginia.

The Union commander was Ulysses S. Grant

Another name for the South during the Civil War was the confederacy

The Union. they were the union they wanted to keep the union alive.

No your thinking of the revolutionary war, the people opposing Great Britain were called Yankees. Although I don't know of a name for the Union soldiers, the Confederates were nicknames the Rebels. edit: The name was used in the civil war for the union. The name originated as a derogatory term for the colonists during the revolutionary war and was then adopted by the union army adopted the word for themselves as a term of national pride. The confederate army still used it as a derisive term to refer to anyone loyal to the union

The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army - or simply The Red ArmyBeginning in February 1946 and until the dissolution of the Soviet Union, its official name was "Soviet Army".

Confederate army was the name. They were also called Rebels too.

Another name for southern soldiers in the Civil War is "Johnny Rebs."

The common name for civil servant is known as "bureaucrat".

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