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military conflict between the army and guerrilla groups....Jp13

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Why was there genocide in Rwanda in 1944?

No, the genocide in Rwanda took place in 1994.

What was the heart of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda?

ethnic conflict between the hutus and the tutsis

When did Rwanda genocide start?

Rwanda genocide started on April 6, 1994

What year was the Rwanda?

The genocide was in 1994.

What genocide occurred in 1990 in Rwanda?

The Rwandan Genocide occurred in 1994

When did the Rwanda Genocide started?

In April 1994.

When did the Rwanda genocide end?

July 1994

When and where did this genocide take place?

rwanda in 1994

When did the genocide in Rwanda start?

In April 1994.

When did the genocide of Rwanda happen?

It happened in 1994.

When did the genocide start in Rwanda?

April 1994

When did genocide in Rwanda stop?

In July 1994.

When did the Rwanda genocide finish?

In July 1994.

When was the Rwanda genocide strated?

April 1994

What year did genocide occur in Rwanda?

The genocide in rwanda occured in 1994, starting in february and ending in either June or July

What is a video about genocide?

Hotel Rwanda is a 2004 movie starring Don Cheadle that's about the 1994 Spring genocide in Rwanda.

What conflict occurred in Rwanda in 1994?

The Rwandan genocide occurred in 1994.

Is the Rwanda Genocide over?

Yes, it ended in 1994.

What year did the rwanda genocide take place?


When did Rwanda genocide occur?

April to July 1994

When did the Rwanda genocide happen?

April to July 1994

What country does genocide in 1994 take place?

In Rwanda.

When did Rwanda the genocide happened?

From April to July 1994.

What major thing happened in Rwanda?

The genocide in 1994

What month did Rwanda genocide start?

April 1994.