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Technical science, mathematics, and military discipline.

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What system did the Japanese adopt during the meiji era?

The Meiji Era in Japan lasted from 1967 to 1912. During this time, Japan adopted the American system of universal public education.

Why Shodokan karate was taught to high school students in Japan?

It promoted good health. It was good physical activity that can be taught to fairly large groups. It helped prepare the students for military service.

What did hirohito do?

Michinomiya Hirohito was the emperor of Japan during WW2, his system of government was militarism.

What American system did the Japanese adopt during the Meiji era?

Japan adopted a gold standard.

Is Japan a unitary or federal system?

Japan is a federal system.

How old would you be if you were a first year high school student in japan?

Lets see here.... 7th grade = 12 (normally) 8th grade = 13 9th grade = 14 and, because Japan uses a middle school system, a first year High School student would be 15 or 16 in Japan. Middle and High School are each 3 years I believe, although, some use the 4 year system.

Does Japan have federal system of government?

yes Japan has a federal system.

In japan when do kids start school?

in japan at what age do kids start school

When was American School in Japan created?

American School in Japan was created in 1902.

Do the Japanese speak English in Japan?

Though English is taught widely up to high school, on the whole many Japanese do not speak English, though they are often better at reading it.

When did Japan Air System end?

Japan Air System ended in 2005.

Where can you find manga school in Japan?

Try the link below to a Manga school in Japan .

When was baseball introduced in Japan?

Baseball was introduced to Japan in 1872 by Horace Wilson, who taught at the Kaisei School in Tokyo. The first baseball team was called the Shimbashi Athletic Club and was established in 1878. Baseball has been a popular sport ever since.

When was Horizon Japan International School created?

Horizon Japan International School was created in 2003.

When was Japan Professional School of Education created?

Japan Professional School of Education was created in 2006.

How many days are students of japan in school?

student in japan go to school for 8 days

When was Japan Aviation High School created?

Japan Aviation High School was created in 1960.

When was Friends School - Japan - created?

Friends School - Japan - was created in 1887.

How many years is middle school in Japan?

in japan you start out from 7th grade to 9th grade for Middle school in japan . so you stay in middle school for 3 years.

Was green day in japan during the quake?

it was not grenn day in japan during the quake

Did japan ban the wear of hijab and the taught of Qur'an?

no, muslims learn it at home

Which was a characteristic of feudalism in both Europe and Japan during the middle ages?

People knew their roles in a rigid class system.

What happened in Japan during the pre-world 2 years?

there was something about the water system and i have not got a clue about what happened.

When was Japan Air System created?

Japan Air System was created on 1964-04-15.

When was Aoba-Japan International School created?

Aoba-Japan International School was created in 1976.