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What was bone book 9 about?


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There are only 8 books in the series.

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there is not a book 9, book 8 is the last book.

There won't be a book 9 of Charlie bone, the red knight is officially the last book of the series.

unfortunately, there won't be a book 9. charlie bone and the red knight, the eighth, book will be the last one.

in the series yeah. but there is extra books

There isn't one. The last book was #8, Charlie Bone and the Red Knight.

No. Jenny Nimmo said that Charlie Bone and the Red Knight (Book 8) will be the last in the series.

According to Jenny Nimmo's website there will not be a 9th Charlie Bone book. The 8th book should be comming out in September 2009. That book will be called "Charlie Bone and the Red Knight".

There isn't going to be a book 9 ANYWHERE. Jenni Nimmo has only written 8 Charlie Bone books. Midnight for Charlie Bone Charlie and the time twister Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa Charlie Bone and the castle of Mirrors Charlie bone and the hidden king Charlie Bone and the beast Charlie Bone and the shadow of badlock and Charlie bone and the red knight

it already out so is 9 10 11 and 12 maybe 13 and more

Amazon has it listed as to be released on January 20, 2009. its already out smarty

Theres is not going to be a bone book 10.

Charlie Bone is 11 and 12 in the fourth book. He celebrates his twelfth birthday in the book.

Midnight for Charlie Bone

No there is not. Thereare only 8 books. Charlie Bone And The Red Knight is the last book.

Book 1: Midnight for Charlie Bone: February 1, 2002Book 2: Charlie Bone and the Time Twister: April 3, 2003Book 3: Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy: July 1, 2004Book 4: Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors: June 5, 2005Book 5: Charlie Bone and the Hidden King: June 5, 2006Book 6: Charlie Bone and the Beast: June 1, 2007Book 7: Charlie Bone and the Shadow: August 25, 2008Book 8: Charlie Bone and the Red Knight: September 7, 2009 (UK release), May 4, 2010 (US release)

No, Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa (also known as Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy) is book 3. Charlie Bone and the Red Knight is book 8.

The last Bone book is titled Crown of Horns, released in 2004.Try if you're looking for the Bone paperbacks.

The second book in the series is Charlie Bone: and the time twister

You can find a Jeff smith bone book at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon.

Charlie Bone & The Red Knight

Sharita Bone is 5' 9".

"A Bone From a Dry Sea" is a novel written by Peter Dickinson. This book was an ALA Notable Book and an SLJ Best Book of the Year.

There will be no ninth Charlie Book. Jenny Nimmo plans to end it with Charlie Bone and the Red Knight. the red night should be coming out on the 7th September 2009 in the UK

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