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Tenpin Bowling or just Bowling for short.


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America invented bowling. The Dutch brought the game of 9 pins to America. The New York legislature outlawed the game of 9 pins. A group of New Yorkers added a 10th pin and called it bowling. That way they were not playing 9 pins.

There are no bowlers in the American Bowling Congress at this time. In 2005 the American Bowling Congress, Women's International Bowling Congress and the Young American Bowling Association were disbanded to form a single entity called the United States Bowling Congress.

soccer, bowling and a card game called "conion

um.... a Bowling Alley

A bowling enthusiast is called a "kegler."

A round of bowling is called a frame.

Bowling can be played twenty-four hours a day in America.

It's usually called a bowling game as opossed to a match. Actually, a person bowling 10 frames, wheather alone or with someone, is a game. But if they're bowling against someone in competition, then its a match.

The front pin in bowling is called the head pin or the one pin.

5 strikes in a row in bowling is called a "Lamb Shank"

The front pin in bowling is called the head pin. It is also called the 1 pin.

There are ten pins in tenpin bowling. That is why it is called ten-pin bowling.

When you go past the foul line in bowling, it is called a foul.

Bowling originated in Ancient Egypt. Back then it was called "skittles".

Its not released in your if you live in America, its usually released in Europe.

They introduced a form of bowling called "9-pins".

There are several different types of bowling, but the most commonly played is Ten-Pin.

Because when it was originally built in 1733, it was a bowling green, where people play a game called bowls. It didn't actually have a name, so inhabitants called it "the bowling green" - which later became the actual name for it.

The term for three strikes in a row is called a three bager.for fun bowling a turkey.

There is no solid definition for a round of bowling. There is a game of bowling. Three games is referred to as a series. In league bowling, usually that nights "round" of bowling consists of three games per bowler or one series.

Bowling for Soup got their name from a comedy act by Steve Martin. The words were originally "bowling for sh*t" but they changed it to "Bowling for Soup" as it seemed more appropriate

america in bremerton washigton by a man named Korey

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