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Tallassee had one of three civil war armories. General Wilson made it a mission to destroy all three. He had an old map of the Tallassee area and crossed the river a couple of miles above where the armory actually was. While crossing the river his arm was caught by Confederate Homeguard and Franklin Academy cadets. Wilson moved on to Columbus, Ga without destroying the Tallassee Armory. It is reportedly the only standing civil war armory left in the country.

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Q: What was brought tallassee Alabama to fame during the civil war times?
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Because of the song "The Rose Of Alabama" on fashion in the Confederacy during the Civil War.

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CSS. Alabama

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It was Montgomery Alabama

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At first, Montgomery, Alabama; not much later, Richmond, Virginia

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The south was not allowed to import or export any goods during this blockade which lasted most of the Civil War.

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No. There was a blockade and goods didn't get shipped out or brought in.

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President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus (a writ ordering a prisoner to be brought before a judge) during the Civil War.

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CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsarge off the coast of France.

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During the Civil War , there were most battles in West Virginia , Maryland , Virginia , Georgia , Mississippi , Louisiana , Pennsylvania , South Carolina , and Alabama .

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Montgomery, Alabama

What were some of the great things that Lincoln did for America?

Brought America together during the Civil War Helped slaves

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Winston seceded from the Union and refused to participate in the war.

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During the Civil War, Alabama and Arkansas were part of the Confederate States of America. They begin with the letter A.

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Fort Myers in Florida was used as a base against the Seminole Indians during civil disturbances of the 1840s. It was brought back into use during the Civil War.

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