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Very boring, and a lot of homesickness. Talk of desertion,with moral,up,and down.
Men from both sides would sneak away, and meet each other in small groups at night,and talk about there families,and civilian life.Swap food stuffs and other things. Would often shake hands and hug each other,wish them well,but would often say,I hope I dod;nt see you dureing battle cause I;ll have to kill ya. Good luck!Some were literally brothers.

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What was life like for union soldiers in the civil war?

i have no idea like?

What role and impact did photography play on the Civil War or the perception of the Civil War?

Photography played a role in the Civil War. It let civilians see what the war was like. Mathew Brady was a photographer who took pictures of soldiers, camp life, and battlefields.

What was women life like duing the civil war?

they were basically nurses and helpers to the soldiers

What was camp like for soldiers during the civil war?

Camp life typically consisted of lots of drilling-- most soldiers were awoken promptly at 5 AM or 6 AM in winter by their superior officers. They would have breakfast rations, (if available) and then procede with drilling, or training to be better soldiers. Besides drilling, a soldier's days would be filled with cleaning the camp, performing chores like chopping and collecting firewood, and whatever else he could do to pass the time. Many soldiers played cards, gambled, sang songs, told stories and jokes, and wrote letters to their loved ones. Camp life could be very boring, indeed. It was usually very dirty and riddled with filth, and sleeping quarters were usually very crowded and smelled with body odor; most soldiers did not get the chance to bathe very often.

What was the daily camp life of citizen-soldiers like in the Civil War?

they trained in local army camps. they did hours of drills and exercises. most soldiers were fed fine until they got on the battlefield when their diet became more strict some went starving because the supply train could not reach them from Kristen

What was camp life like for the northern soldiers during the Civil War?

Boredom. Most of the solders time during the Civil War was spent waiting. Camp life was in tents, keeping everything cleaned and cleaning it again. Meals were not great, but adequate. For the most part, Northern solders ate better than southern solders. They sang a lot. Some of the songs they sang even protested against the war. They wrote a lot. They practiced marching. They practiced shooting.

What was the treatment like for African American soldiers civil war?

they are pay less than white soldiers.

What was life like in a labor camp?


What are letter topics for soldiers?


What was life like for African American soldiers during Civil War?

The blacks helped the whites, and were totally and completely free, and fought for the union against the confederacy.

What was life like for soldiers after ww1?

Good as

What were the living conditions like for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War?

It Sucked

What was the German soldiers personal life like?

what was the personal life like for a ww2 German soldier

What was life like after the civil war for africa?

There was no civil war for Africa.

What was life like in anne franks camp?

bad gross

What civil war union soldiers graduated from vmi?

I don't know...but I would like to.

How old were soldiers during civil war?

i think 28 36 something like that

What did the Confederate soldiers look like during the Civil War?

They wore gray uniforms

What was life like for soldiers after World War 1?


What was life like in world war 1 as soldiers?


What was Clara Barton's life like after the civil war?

How was Clara Bartons early life like?

Why did roman soldiers fight in a civil war in Italy?

The Roman soldiers fought in the civil wars in Italy because at the time of the civil wars, the legionary swore his allegiance to his general, not to the emperor. (No emperor at the time, anyhow) If someone like Caesar or Pompey ordered a battle the soldiers would obey because of their military oath.

What figurative language is this sentence. The exhausted soldiers marched like robots all the way back to camp?

marched like robots - this is a simile

What was life like in the South After the Civil War?


What was it like in Civil War camps?

Life in a Confederate or Union army was filled with boredom, fear, mischief, disease, and death. During the Civil War, military service meant long hours of drills, inadequate food and shelter, disease, and intolerable weather. Camp life included everything from days of sitting in camp to recollections of sheer terror. Transforming from civilians into soldiers was extremely hard and arduous. Sometimes, like at Fredericksburg, they could have a bit of fun; they had a snowball fight! The conditions brought many diseases and killed over twice as many people than combat wounds did. One place a soldier did not really want to live was in a camp. Jonathan Letterman, medical director of the Army of the Potomac, helped with this problem, but it was never really solved.

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