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What was chartists?

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Chartists were 19th Century English Reformers who wanted better social and economic conditions for working people. Answer: Those who pushed Parliament to accept the People's Charter.

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How did chartists protest?

The protest movement can be split into two distinct groups, the Moral Force chartists and the Physical Force chartists. These groups attempted to force reform in distinctively different ways. The Moral Force chartists intended peaceful protest, the Physical force chartists, as the name suggests, intended to force change through use of physical force and violence. Moral Force chartists- protested peacefully Physical Force chartists- protested violently

Did the Chartists succeed?


Did the Chartists protest?

Oh yeah.

Why did people join the chartists?

They wanted to join it as many people were working class and they wanted the vote and one way to do that was to join the chartists

What did the chartists want Did they get what they wanted?

yes they happily did

Why did the chartists protest?

yes they did and because they wanted to.

Demanded voting rights and secret ballots?


Did the chartists ever win the vote?

yhyh boy!

Who were the chartists?

Those who pushed Parliament to accept the People's Charter

Who were the chartists in 1839?

Those who pushed Parliament to accept the People's Charter

What did the chartists achieve?

dont no thts wat im trying to find out

What did the chartists want to achieve?

The Chartists wanted to change and reform the electoral system. They wanted political rights for the working class because voting rights were only given to people of the middle classes that owned property.

Were the chartists revolutionaries?

some people would consider them revolutionaries depending on how the define a revoultion, chartists did want change but they didn't want absolute change which in some peoples opinions mean they don't count as revolutionaries

What were the People called who proposed complete democracy for great Britain?

They were called Chartists.

What are chartists?

"Chartists" was a name given to a movement initiated by working class people in Victorian England. They demanded six reforms from Parliament including universal male suffrage and equal parliamentary districts. The movement was active for the decade from 1838 until 1848.

Why did people become chartists?

People became Chartists because either they weren't happy with the Reform,like most working class radicals, or just thought that the law wasn't right. They also think that the electroy system is unfair for poorer people

What has the author Vernon Thornes written?

Vernon Thornes has written: 'Chartists and reformers in Sheffield 1846-1870'

What has the author Harry Rogen written?

Harry Rogen has written: 'The Chartists source book' -- subject(s): Stocks, Tables

What did the chartists want to change?

the answer is they wanted to change the way the country was run by the government as you were only allowed to vote if you owned property and you could not vote in secret.

What did chartists do?

Chartists were people who supported the 1838 'People's Charter'. The Charter called for Universal Male Suffrage, Parliamentary voting by Secret Ballot, Salaried Members of Parliament (so that a political career was open to men with no private income) - and a host of other ideas, most of which we now take for granted. The political reforms of the later Nineteenth Century nearly all originated in Chartism.

What demands did the chartists make in their petition?

Every man is allowed to vote. Secret voting. Anyone can be an mp. Equal constituency. Annual elections. Mp's to be paid.

Why did Chartism Fail?

Basic reasons for the failure of ChartismThe main problem was how to achieve a revolutionary goal by constitutional means.It failed to obtain parliamentary support for the Charter.The middle-classes either ignored, shunned or condemned Chartism.Chartists were divided among themselves.Government handled the movement firmly and calmly.Chartist demands were too drastic.There was too much diversity in the intellectual and ideological aims of Chartism.Other movements offering more immediate and tangible benefits attracted chartists.The socio-economic position improved after 1842. Prosperity eliminated mass support.Chartism and the Chartists were made to look ridiculous after Kennington Common, and the failure of the Land Plan.The changing sociology of England after railways fragmented the 'unity' of the working classes.Chartism tore itself apart

What did the suffragists and the charitists in have common?

well i am not sure if they have much in common i know that they were both protest groups in the 20th century and both tried to gain a certain right, but other than that there is not many.. although there are many differences present such as suffragists are non violent protestors and chartists are violent, the suffragists were aiming to gain women the vote and chartists were trying to gain rights for poor people(i think), suffragists were led by women and charitists (i think) were men(or mainly men) leading them. etc i hope this helped

What did the chartists hope to achieve?

Ripped out of Wikipedia: Suffrage voting for all men age 18 and over Equal-sized electoral districts Voting by secret ballot An end to the need for a property qualification for Parliament Pay for Members of Parliament Annual election of Parliament

What were legislative reforms in the 1800s?

In Britain? the middle class was given suffrage (the right to vote). bills were updated to give more representation to thriving new industrial cicites. Also the Chartist movement started, although, the goals of the Chartists were not passed until much later.

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