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First Answer:In the 1940's, cooking was very different than how it is today. people would often eat such foods as baked plums, frozen corn, carrots, pigeons, and bananas. The most common way to cook your food was by frying in grease and then freezing it overnight. Better Answer:In the 1940s, cooking was very much the same as it is today. Meat, poultry and fish were commonly served as entrees, with vegetables (fresh or canned), rice or potatoes on the side. Fresh fruit was popular, when in season, and canned fruit when it was not. Prepackaged frozen vegetables were available, but not as popular as they are today. Many cooks, particularly in areas with good farmer's markets, would purchase fresh beans and peas in large quantities, when in season, and blanch and freeze them at home. Cooking methods were the same as today: roasting, braising, grilling, poaching, boiling or frying. The primary differences between then and now: TV dinners had not been invented, nor were there any microwave ovens.
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Q: What was cooking like in the 1940's?
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