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in greek myths, cyclopses were the first weapon makers for the gods. === ===

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Q: What was cyclops job?
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What was the Cyclops' job in the Odyssey?

there wasnt one

Does Cyclops in the X-Men Comics have a job?

He's far too busy to have a job.

What is the correct spelling of cyclops?

Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.Cyclops is correct.

What is the plural of cyclops?

The plural of cyclops is cyclops.The plural form of cyclops is cyclopsor cyclopes.

What did The Odyssey do to cyclops?

To be correct what did Odyessus do to the cyclops. He poked the cyclops in the eye.

Who is related to cyclops?

who is related to cyclops?

Who is older cyclops or gambit?


What is the cyclops name?

The cyclops that Odysseus encountered was Polyphemus; in Greek Mythology there were many cyclops.

How many eyes did Cyclops have?

A Cyclops has one eye. Cyclops had one eye.

Who is the cyclops connected to?

the cyclops was the son of posideon

Who killed the cyclops?

Apollo killed the cyclops.

Where does Odysseus meet the cyclops?

In the cyclops cave

What did The cyclops has one?

Cyclops has one eye.

What is the cyclops name in the myth cyclops?


What name did Odysseus name the cyclops?

The cyclops was already named Polyphemus. Odysseus did not name the cyclops.

How did the cyclops become a cyclops?

Cyclops can be created by a god and a nymph. The most common god is Poseidon.

What is a sentence with cyclops?

Cyclops was a mythical monster with one eye. The cyclops raised sheep for food.

Who defeated the Cyclops?

Odysseus defeated the Cyclops, who was Poseidon's son Odysseus defeated Poseidon's son the Cyclops

Is cyclops threatened by the mention of Zeus' name?

No, Cyclops is not. Further, there were many "cyclops" in Greek myth.

What is a sentence for cyclops?

Cyclops was a mythical monster with only one eye. Cyclops raised sheep for food.

What is Odysseus' plan for escaping Polyphemus the cyclops?

Odysseus attacked the cyclops claiming to be nobody. When the cyclops asked what Odyseus' name was he said nobody. When the other cyclops asked who is hurting him, the cyclops said nobody so the other cyclops ignored him thinking that nothing was wrong.

Where does Odysseus go after they leave Troy?

to the cyclops to the cyclops

How many eyes does a Cyclops have?

A cyclops has one eye.

What is the first villainous thing the cyclops?

Not cyclops! The devil!

Cyclops vs wolverine fight to the death?