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The earth before 1000 bc

There was never a rainbow in the atmosphere before 1000 bc.

The earth never saw a rainbow until Noah did.

the following could never have happened before 1000 bc: Water molecules reflects the sunlight. Rainbows only appears when there are water in the air and light to be reflected in the water.

Geologists studying the landscape of the northwestern United States believe that as many as 100 catastrophic floods once washed over the area. One such flood is said to have roared through the region with a wall of water 2,000 feet high, traveling at 65 miles an hour, a flood of 500 cubic miles of water weighing more than two trillion tons.

Global flood?

If this is true then the earths atmosphere before the flood was drastically different than after the flood.

I believe that the earth had some kind of protection surrounding it that did not allow for any water molecules to penetrate the atmosphere. how could this be? I do not know that is why i am asking.

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there were about 1 million people living on Earth in 1000 BC.

What century is 1001 BC in?

The year 1001 BC, as with any year between 1099 BC and 1000 BC, fell in the eleventh century BC.

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1000 B.C. was roughly 3012 years ago... There is no year 0 in the Gregorian or Julian calendar don't listen to the people who are including a year 0, 3012 is the correct answer. Add "the current year" + "BC year" - 1 year, so for you case, 2013 + 1000 -1 = 3012 yrs ago was 1000 BC BC stands for Birth of Christ (some people wrongly say it Before Christ)

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