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What was given away at the gate at Super Bowl XXIV?

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Q: What was given away at the gate at Super Bowl XXIV?
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Who is the away team for 2010 Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts are considered the "Home Team" for Super Bowl XLIV.

Who has won more super bowls the visiting team or home team?

There is no home and away teams in the super Bowl, only home and away uniforms.

Which Super Bowl was Steve McNair just inches away of almost winning?


Who makes the call at the coin toss at the super bowl?

Whoever the designated away team is.

Did they take out Peyton Manning in the super bowl 2010?

No. Whatever gave you that idea? The Saints outplayed the Colts in the Super Bowl and came away with the victory. PEYTON Manning played the entire game.

How many times have titans been to Super Bowl?

The Titans have to the super bowl once in the 1999-2000 season. It was the Titans vs. the Rams. The Rams walked away with a win 23-16.

What teams won 3 away games in playoffs and won Super Bowl?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers wear their home or away jerseys in Super Bowl XLV?

The Steelers will be the away team. They will wear their white jerseys.

What are super bowl colors for Patriots in 2012?

It depends if they are wearing home team or away.. I think both teams are wearing away.

Are any Super Bowl mvps deceased?

As of 9/21/2017, only one Super Bowl MVP has passed away. Harvey Martin, DE Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XII Co-MVP (with Randy White) 11/16/1950 - 12/24/2001

Which conference is away in the super bowl?

It alternates every year. In odd-numbered years, the AFC is away, while in even-numbered years, the NFC is away.

Where is Super Bowl 61 being played?

It is not known, and probably will not be for a few years. Keep in mind that the 2011 NFL season concludes with Super Bowl XLVI (46), so Super Bowl LXI (61) is still 15 years away. Super Bowl hosts are usually determined 3 years in advance, so we only know the hosts as far as Super Bowl XLIX (49, to be held in Phoenix AZ). So, in summary: We should know in 12 years.

Will the packers wear green or white at the super bowl?

The Green Bay Packers are considered the home team for Super Bowl XLV. They will be wearing their green "home" uniforms, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be wearing their "away" uniforms.

Why are the Colts wearing home uniforms and Saints away uniforms for this year's Super Bowl?

In the Super Bowl, the AFC is the home team in even numbered games and the NFC is the home team in odd numbered games. This being Super Bowl 44 (XLIV), an even number, the Colts are designated as the home team.

How many NFL head coaches have been fired immediately after taking a team to a Super Bowl?

None. There have been head coaches who walked away or retired after a Super Bowl appearance (Vince Lombardi of Green Bay after Super Bowl II; Bill Parcells of New England after Super Bowl XXXI; and Dick Vermeil of the St. Louis Rams after Super Bowl XXXIV). Although Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson parted ways with team owner Jerry Jones two months after the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVIII, we don't know for sure whether the decision was mutual or not.

What is the cheapest price paid for a seat at the Super Bowl game?

$1,500, for the furthest away seats in the stadium :O

Who won the coin toss at the super bowl last year?

Ravens won in 2013 and elected to kick away.

Is there a picture of the ring of the loser of the super bowl?

When a team loses a super bowl,, the rings intended for them like the Panthers are taken away and are actually destroyed. If they were going to take pictures, it would lead to scandals in the NFL, causing corruption within its exexutive board. Therefore, there are no known photos of the ring of the losing super bowl teams.

What were the home and visiting teams of Super Bowl 6?

Super Bowl VI was the Cowboys Vs. Dolphins. The Dolphins were the home team and the Cowboys were the away team and the Cowboys won the game 24-3 in Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

Why does the AFC team play on Sunday and the NFC team play on Saturday in the Super Bowl?

For Super Bowl XLVIII the AFC is considered the home team. For the tv broadcasts, the away team plays Saturday and the home team plays Sunday.

Why are the Steelers the away team for super bowl XLV?

The role of home team alternates every season between the two conferences, AFC and NFC. In Super Bowl XLIV the AFC representative Indianapolis Colts were the home team. Super Bowl XLV is designated with the NFC as the home team, therefore making the Green Bay Packers the home team.

What color are Super Bowl teams?

the two teams just wear their own jersey. Either home or away jersey.

How does the NFL determine which team is the visitor team in the super bowl?

Depends on the year. If played in odd number year, AFC is away. If even number year, NFC is away.

What player caught the ball and came 1 yard away from potential game tying touchdown in super bowl 34?

mike jones

Was Kurt Warner the closest quarterback to every winning a Super bowl with 2 different teams?

In 1971 Craig Morton started Super Bowl V as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. The Baltimore Colts defeated the Cowboys 16-13. Tn Super Bowl XII Morton was a member of the Denver Broncos. The Cowboys, Morton's old team, defeated him 27-10. Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV by a score of 23-16 over the Tennessee Titans. Warner lost his second Super Bowl, but returned in Super Bowl XLIII with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 27-23. Kurt Warner was literally seconds away from becoming the only player in NFL history to win a Super Bowl starting quarterback for two different teams, but failed because of a last-second touchdown by the Steelers.