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what is going on in World War II in Europe?

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The war in Asia had been going on since 1931; the war in Europe had been going on since 1939. The GLOBAL war began in December of 1941.

They were trying to get out of the Great Depression and weren't interested of what was going on in Europe as they didn't want to get into another war.

It created the Berlin Wall, a divided Europe, and the cold war.

The invasion of Poland, started World War 2 in Europe in 1939

The world war 2 is going on in the Poland France and the china

The "Iron Curtain" was a metaphorical reference to the division of Europe after World War 2.

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Europe was heavily involved in both wars, they were fought across Europe and killed millions there.

World War 2 destroyed the economy of Europe. The Marshall Plan was setup in order to help rebuild Europe.

World War 2 began in Asia and Europe because that's where the aggressors (the countries who started the war, Germany and Japan) are located.

Germany was going on with the holocaust and japan was invading china it all escalated when Germany invaded Poland and then WW2 officially started.

The worst fighting in Europe was during World War 2 1914-1918 and World War 2 1939-1945.

The Holocaust took place during World War 2. The large-scale slaughter of Jews started in 1941 and continued almost till the very end of the war in Europe (May 1945).

Once Berlin was captured by the Soviet Union, World War 2 pretty much ended in Europe.

We were at war with Germany in Europe and we were attacked by Japan in the Pacific. So we fought on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific.

which country dominated a large region in eastern europe after world war 2?

Almost all Jews were deported from cental Europe in world war 2, to the east.

Europe did not surrender during WW2.

The Holocaust took place in Europe in World War 2.

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