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Q: What was gregor mendel work what does he do?
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What is gregor mendel remembered for?

Gregor Mendel was remembered for his work in Genetics.

What is Gregor Mendel's Branch of Science?

Mendel is known for his work in genetics.

When did gregor Mendel do his work?

mendel did his work from 1856 to 1863 this is Jake party rockin

Where did Gregor Mendel do his work?

he worked in a monastery

Was Gregor Mendel's work an immediate success?


Who discovered how genes work?

Gregor Mendel

What plant did gregor Mendel work with?


Did Gregor Mendel work in human genetics?


What did Mendel use to complete his work?

Gregor Mendel used Pea plants to aid his work.

What organisms did gregor Mendel work with?

Brother Mendel did his work in heredity using pea plants.

Did Gregor Mendel ever have kids?

Gregor Mendel, apart from his work in genetics was a Monk, so I don't believe so.

Gregor Mendel is considered the father of heredity because of his work with what kind of plants?

Gregor Mendel worked with pea plants.

What was gregor mendel famous for?

why was Gregor Mendel famous

Gregor mendel invention?

gregor mendel does aotz

What did gregor Mendel work with in genetics?

pea plants

Who discovered the work of Gregor Mendel?

yalkamuchi san

Who were gregor Mendel's parents?

Gregor Mendel's parents were Anton and Rosine Mendel.

Who are Gregor Mendel's parents?


What did Gregor Mendel's family do for a living?

Gregor Mendel was a priest.

Was Gregor Mendel a nudist?

Gregor Mendel was a German monk.

Who did Gregor Mendel work with to learn about genetics?

justin b

What kind of organism did Gregor mendel work with?

pea plants

What kind of plant did Gregor Mendel work with?

Pea plants

What types of plants did gregor Mendel work with?

pea plants

Who is the person credited to work out the theory of inheritance?

Gregor Mendel