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There is alot of answers for this particular question. The best way to put it is just not having the life like everyone else. Luckily, there are different options to learn from - by me - . Actually, I'll teach you more, but its through websites. Please check/join these following group(s) for more information: Or email me by: I am building a website criteria from this time period. Danke! (Thanks)

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Q: What was growing up like if you were a Jew in Germany during World War 2?
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How where the houses in Germany during world war 2?

Please clarify: Do you mean, What were the houses like in Germany during World War Two? Or are you refering to the Royalty such as the House of Hapsburg?

What was it like for young Jewish women growing up in Germany before World War 2?

Most of them knew there was no worthwhile future for them in Germany and tried to leave the country.

What was life like for Jewish youth in Germany during world war 2?

I'd say... bad!

Role of Germany during World War 2?

the Germans used weapons like rifles machineguns and smgs.during the war Germany armies occupied most of Europe.

What was life like in Germany during World War 1?

Life was Horrid for them no proper food, People in bad conditions.

Is Slovenia a third world country?

No. Slovenia is a modern European country with BDP of about $25000 per capita. It has a growing economy and looks much like Austria or Germany.

Why was Germany called Nazi Germany during World War 2?

Germany was called Nazi Germany because the Nazi party took control of Germany's decision making, creating more of an empire like country instead of a democracy.

What is the average temperature in Germany in late March?

What is the weather like in Germany during March

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Both Germany and Italy were allies of Austria during World War I but Italy didn't like Austria very much. This alliance among Austria, Italy, and Germany was called the Triple Alliance.

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What was it like to live in Germany during World War 2?

There would be lots of bombing chrisians would be killed and you would follow Hitler.

How did Germany invade France at the beginning of the World War 2?

Through Belgium.. again...just like the Schleflien Plan during WW I

Why did Germany invade Africa during World War 2?

The Nazis were helping their ally, Italy, who had already bullied contries like Ethiopia.

What were foxholes like in World War 2?

They were horrible and cold because it was snowing during the war when the French and the English had to fight aginst Germany.

What situation was a direct result of the Holocaust and other atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War 2?

a divided Germany.

What was life like in Germany during world war 2?

LIfe in Germany during World war two was kind of suspsious. Every corner you turned there could be a Nazi solider of a person running away from a Nazi. Someone could have been holding a gun. Anything could of happened. Everyone was suspicious.

Will Japan ever fully take responsible like Germany for the War crimes and destruction it caused to Asia during World War 2?

Already did

What were the living conditions like in Germany during World War 2 for soldiers?

it was very very bad the soldiers were beaten up and ill treated

What is the land of germany like?

The world was gonna end

What was the treatment of Japanese Americans during the World War 2?

Most of them were put into a concentration camp during the war. The conditions were poor, not as bad as in Germany, but still bad. They were treated like enemies.

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What was life like in Germany during Hitler's reign as dictator?


What was life like in Germany during Hitler's time?

I hate Hitler

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are terrible and not to be spoken of. thank youOther answer:Germany and Japan have never been at war with each other.They were allies during and before World war two.The current relationship is good.

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