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What was happening politically in France during the middle ages?

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First AnswerRight off the top let's make it clear that there wasn't a "France" in the middle ages. France like the rest of Europe was a patchwork of holdings by strong men. Parts of what we call France today were called Normandy and in 1066 William the Conqueror invaded England and took the crown of England. The Normans reshaped England in their image and for over 300 years no English king or noble spoke English, but only French. Politically, "France" was held by strong men who would battle over lands and to gain power. It was a feudal system with 90% of the population made up of poor peasants and serfs (slaves). The Catholic church was in charge of the society and dictated how people should live. This was the world for a 1000 years. Second AnswerFrance came into existence during the Early Middle Ages as a result of the division of the great Carolingian Empire, the other part being the Holy Roman Empire. France was an area with many problems during the middle ages, but the relationships between the kings of France and the Kings of England were probably the most important issue. There is a link to an article on medieval France below.

The kings of England had large holdings in France after the Norman Invasion put the Duke of Normandy on the English throne. In the time of Louis VII of France, Henry II of England actually controlled more of France than Louis VII did. In time, the kings of England came to claim rightful ownership of the throne of France, and this precipitated the Hundred Years War, in which Joan of Arc played such an important role. This war ended at just about the end of the Middle Ages.

There is a link to an article on the Hundred Years War below.

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