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What was hitlers main goal?

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World domination and ridding the world of the Jewish population. He had plans for the invasion of the United States after he invaded England.

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What was Hitlers goal for Germany?


What was hitlers goal in his early life?

art painter

What were hitlers goal in the holocaust?

Adolf's Hitler goal in the holocaust was to get rid of all the Jews from Germany.

What was the goal of the final solution-?

There was one goal that Hitler had for the final solution. Hitlers goal was to get rid of all the people that was not like him.

What was hitlers goal to having the holocaust?

He wanted to exterminate the Jews.

What was Hitlers long term goal?

To take over the world.

Was Adolf Hitlers goal to get rid of all the jewish people?


What was hitlers ultimate goal in launching world war 2?

World Domination

What was hitlers goal in hosting the 1936 games?

To display germany's power and ideas

What was hitlers main interest in school?

To become an artist.

What country was hitlers main fascist ally?


The goals of Hitlers Nazi Party?

The goal of the nazi party was to take over all of the world.

What is the main goal of Adidas?

adidas main goal is to help the poor

What was the north's main goal in the war?

The main goal was the restoration of he Union.

What was the main goal of the crusades?

The main goal of the crusades was to spread christianity.

Who were hitlers enemies?

the main ones were USA, Great Britain, and France.

What was hitlers main method for achieving lebensraum?

conquer other countries

Hitlers main method for achieving lebensraum?

invading other countries

Main goal and ultimate goal of physical education?

what is the Main goal of physical education

What was hitlers goal against russia?

he wanted to gain oil feilds and strong wheat farming lands

What was Walter Dean Myers main goal for writing?

his main goal was to write.

What was the main goal for the League of Nations?

The main goal was to preserve world peace.

Main goal of David in Chrysalids?

David's main goal is the survival of his group.

What was the main goal of the Republican Party?

the main goal was to keep slavery from spreading

What was adolf hitlers main goal in persecuting the Jews?

Read up. Hitlor was obsessed in Killing all he could! People from other groups he murdered also.He even filmed himself and some generals worshipping the Devil!