Adolf Hitler

What was hitlers mum name?


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his mum's name was Klara Polzl

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His mom's name was Klara, his dad's Alois.

Hitler's father's name was Alois and his mother, Klara.

Yes, Hitler's mum loved him and she was one of the few people Hitler loved.

Alois Hitler And Klara Hitler

She was born on 12 August 1860.

His mother was a housewife and his father was a customs officer.

yes she is a 200 year old zombie

mum= peasant girl dad= minor customs official

Hitlers whole name is Adolf Hitler He had no middle name did not deserve a middle name.

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

Hitlers mom was Klara Hitler (????-1905)

Your mum ate Hitlers hairy fingers.OM NOM.

His name is Adolf Hitler

the name was populiticalmanionus

Hitler did not have a middle name.

Nazi Germany and the Third Reich were Hitlers German empire names.

his mum's name was Klara polzl

His full name was Adolf Hitler.

His real name is Adolf Hitler.

His name was Alois Hitler.

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