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I am answering from an honest point of view so do not feel that I mean this rude. It was a letter from her son, and I dont think anyone has the right to know what he had to say. I truly hope someone gave them privacy on some part of that whole tragedy. But if you keep looking you may find someone who does know.

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What is a sarcophogas?

a sarcophogas is a coffin for a mummy.

What is a mummiform coffin?

A coffin possessing the shape of a mummy (the shape of a human body).

Name something associated with a mummy?

Egypt, tomb, bandages, coffin, and pyramid are associated with a mummy.

Where is Cleopatra's mummy?

Cleopatra's mummy is more than likely in her coffin, which is in her tomb, which has not been found.

What is inside an ancient Egyptian coffin?

Inside an Egyptian coffin is a mummy and occasionally a bag of dead butterflies

What was the condition of King Tutankhamun's mummy?

the mummy was glued to the coffin because of the oil and resin which the egyptians poured on his corpse

What was included in mummy's sarcophagus?

The Egyptians sarcophagus often contained a coffin and an inner coffin known as a mummy board. Both the sarcophagus and the coffin could be very plain or extremely ornate.

How do you prepare a mummy for the coffin?

you wrap her up with toilet paper real good have fun

What happened in Henry VIII's coffin?

His remains became a mummy, despite the forces of decomposition.

What are some Egyptian words?

Coffin,Dessert,Gods,Khufu,Mummy,Nile River and pyramid.

Where was the wooden coffin containing the pharaohs mummy placed in?

nowhere, you are all idiots! <---- Actually there is somewhere. the sarcophagus.

What tools are used for mummifacation?

to make a pharaoh into a mummy by first embalming the mummy and then wrapping the mummy in linen and putting over the body salt and other ingredients and putting the body in a coffin made of gold and painted very beautifully.

What are the release dates for The Mummy Road Show - 2001 Princess Baby 2-10?

The Mummy Road Show - 2001 Princess Baby 2-10 was released on: USA: 2002

What is the definition of a princess that died in a tomb eating a mummy?

The definition is a princess named Peach married to Mario fell in Bowser's mouth and died. Her body then fell in a time travel device and her mouth closed on a dead mummy?

How did princess amen ra die?

There is no Princess Amen-Ra. That story was just created as part of the Titanic Curse urban legend which is not true because the Titanic's cargo list never listed a mummy or anything Egyptian as part of its voyage the day it sank. Amen-Ra is an Egyptian god from Egyptian mythology considered the creator of all things and was worshiped greatly by his people. The base of the urban legend was just a coffin lid, no mummy or coffin or anything. It belonged to the Priestess of Amun and is displayed in a British museum. According to museum officials, with the exception of during war and during special exhibits, the sarcophagus lid has never left the museum.

What did they do to the pharaohs after the died?

they add some oil to their skin and wrap them with bandages and put them in a sarcofigus (coffin) and put that in a tomb to perform a mummy in the tomb.

What was put with the mummy in the coffin?

Nothing. Everything was placed in it's tomb such as gold, food, water,t treasure, weapons, and things for the afterlife.

Does Monster High doll Cleo De Nile have a bed?

Nope but I do hope they make one soon!I think it's going to be a mummy coffin

What were mummies preserved by?

The mummys organs are removed and placed in vases. Next the body will be filled with herbs and spices. The body will be wrapped with cloth.Last the mummy is placed in a coffin

How to make a mummy?

You embalm it after the body is really dead. to make they need to take thing out of your body then clean it dry it the wrap it in cloth and put it in a box or a coffin

What was an artifact from the old kingdom?

A mummy is an artifact. Also include the relief from the tomb of mentuemhet, the canopic jar of pa-ef-heri-nefer, and the anthropoid coffin.

Why was a mummy placed in a coffin?

In their preperation for re-birth after death, particularly later in New Kingdom, the wealthy ancient Egyptians might prepare themselves by purchasing a sarcophagus.

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