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In the years preceding the US Civil War, the Northern US States had a high degree of industrialization. There were relatively few Northern States that depended on slave labor. This became an important factor in the outcome of the US Civil War. The North was able to produce weapons, grow crops, and increase its growth by its high level of industry.

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How did the civil war speed up Americas industrialization?

the need for mass production and distribution of goods during the Civil War speeded industrialization

Where else did slavery exist during the time of American slavery?

in the Americas you had slavery in Brazil, Canada, the English colonies, south America and the carribbean islands.

Was slavery legal in north during the civil war?

The northern states never had legal slavery.

What was the name of the anti-slavery side and the slavery side during the civil war?

The anti-slavery side was the union which were from the northern and the slavery side was the confederacy which was the southern.

Did a lot of people die during the act of slavery?

Yes, during the capture process, in the holding pens and in the long transit to the Americas.

What were the goals of the northern side during the civil war?

to beat the south so there would be no more slavery

Was Kentucky against slavery or for slavery during the Civil War?

It was a Northern State that was pro slavery and anti Confederacy. It did not view the civil war as a slave issue. It considered the civil war a states rights issue.

During the industrialization of a country the economy becomes less dependent on?

During the industrialization of a country, the economy becomes less dependent on?

White slaves in America?

James II of England started white slavery in the Americas. The slaves were taken from Ireland and accounted for the majority of slaves in the Americas during that time period. During the late 1600s, Irish slaves cost less than African slaves.

What was one impact of industrialization on japan during the Meiji Restoration?

The demand for natural resources was increased during the industrialization of Japan during the Meiji Restoration.

What did the African supply for when they were brought to the Americas?

Um. Historically...Technically African people during the colonial times of the United States region supplied free work for the Americas. That in they were brutally imprisoned, taken from Africa and forced into slavery.

During the Mexican war northern Whigs including Lincoln began to characterize the war as what?

Evil, pro slavery and unfair.

What two northern states abolished slavery during the 1770's and 1780's?

vermont and massachusetts

Who was the President during the time slavery existed?

There were many, starting with George Washington and ending with Abraham Lincoln. Slavery was institutionalized even well before that, and was one of the major economical resources for the Americas (manual labor for plantations).

Why were northern colonies more urban than southern colonies?

Because United states back then was divided into north and south during the age of the industrialization. The northern believed in machines and technology while the southern believe in the agriculture and the land. That is why northern colonies more urban than southern colonies.

Why were the north and south divided during the civil war?

North and South divided because of the argument between northern and southern states about slavery issue.

Was Connecticut a slave state or a free state?

As the northern US moved toward abolishing slavery Connecticut did as well, and during the Civil War it was a free state. However, earlier in the state's history, slavery was indeed legal there.

What was Americas culture in the 1950s?

During the 1950s many believed Americas culture was

What was the theory of how people came to the Americas?

The clasic theory is that people from northern Asia crosses the Bering Straights - possibly during an ice age (with low sea levels).

What positive and negative trends in the northern colonies during the 1700s still affect the usa?

-positive trend is massive ports and trading developed on the coast -negative trend that emerged in the Northern colonies during the 1700s that affects the United States today was the slavery that took place

How did fears of alienating the border states effect northern strategy during the war?

When Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, he did not declare slavery illegal in those states.

What was the first industry to industrialize during the industrialization?

Textile industry

What were causes of economic difficulties for farmers during the 1920s?


What different political ideas arose during the era of industrialization and how did they differ?

The political ideas that arose during the era of industrialization were Liberism, Utilism, Socialism and utopian socialism. They were about liberty and responsibility.

What positive and negative trends that emerged in the Northern colonies during the 1700's do you think still affect the US today?

One negative trend that emerged in the Northern colonies during the 1700s was slavery. Although it has been abolished, there are still racist attitudes that exist today.

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