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What was invented from 1960 to 1969?

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Many things, but among them were: Laser (1960); Commercial Communications Satellite (1965).

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What was invented in 1969?

The Internet was invented in 1969.

When was the internet invented or start?

THeFirst internet was ARPA started in 1960 andand first module came in 1969(Arpanet)

How many Moon Landing were there in 1960-1969?

There were only two lunar landings from the year 1960 _ 1969, they wetre Apolo 11 and Apollo 12..

What were the hairstyles in 1960-1969?

bouffants and Afros were very popular

When was the Harrier invented?

If you are referring to the V/Stol Harrier, it was invented throughout the 1960's and entered service in the RAF in 1969. There was a previous Hawker Harrier, a sleek biplane fighter in the RAF in the 1930's.

Who was the president during 1960-1969?

Eisenhower was president in 1960. Kennedy was elected in 1960 and took office in 1961. He was shot in 1963 and Johnson became president until 1969 when Nixon (elected in 1968) took office.

Who invented lava lamp in 1961?

it was invented in 1960

What year was CPR invented?

CPR was invented in 1960.

When was the iPhone invented?

it was invented December 25th ,1969

When was gymnatics invented?


When was the battery-powered calculator invented?

1969 1969

What year was paint invented?

paint was invented in 1960 and signs were invented b4 that!!!!!!

What sports were played during 1960 to 1969?

the sports that was played in 1960 to 1969 is kricket and football that was the stuff back in the day 4 the old ppl

When was the optical disc invented?

The optical disc was invented in the 1950's and 1960's. The first patents for this technology were registered to David Paul Gregg in 1961 and 1969. The Music Corporation of America bought the rights to these patents.

Most popular car in 1960-1969?

The most popular car from 1964-1969 was the Pontiac GTO.

When was the snugli invented?


How fast did the Plymouth go in 1960-1969?

Need to be way more specific...

Where were the goal posts for the American Football League 1960-1969?

On the goal line

What are 4 major Sports figures during of 1960-1969?

water polo

Who invented word processing?

It was invented by ibm in the late 1960

When was m16 assault weapon invented?

The M16 was invented @ 1960

What presidents were in office in 1960 to 1969?

The presidents in office from 1960 until 1969 were Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961); John F. Kennedy (1961-1963); and Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969).

What are 1960-1969 quarters worth now?

The 1960-1964 quarters are worth about $2.50 each for the silver 1965-1969 are likely just quarters

When is the first jumbo jet invented?

The Jumbo Jet was the nickname given to the Boeing 747, which started development in the mid 1960's and first flew commercially with Pan Am in 1969

When was Holographic memory invented?

in 1960

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