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Television. Rigby, Idaho, is the birthplace of the television and was invented by Phil Farnsworth.

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Q: What was invented in Idaho?
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Who invented the Idaho potatoes?

Who invented the idaho potatoe

When was answer com invented?

it was invented in Boise, Idaho

What year was idaho potatoes invented?


Where were post it notes invented?

boise idaho in his lab

What state or town was TV invented in?

Answer:The television was invented in Rigby Idaho. It was invented by a guy named Philio T. Farnsworth.

What does 'Idaho' mean?

'Idaho' is an invented word and was used for a steamship on the Columbia river. 'Idaho' is also a word coined by George Willing, who intended it to be used for the area we now know as Colorado.

In the boy who invented TV how was Utah different then I Idaho?

there was electricity

Was the radio invented in Idaho?

I'm almost certain that it was not. See the related link for a discussion.

How did Idaho get its name and nickname?

Idaho got its nickname from the mean of what Idaho means.and Idaho mean Gem of the mountains.soo that's howw!! 2nd answer: Idaho, back to the early settlers, miners, trappers, and traders was known to be rich in gemstones, including just about all the gems known. The 6-star garnet found in north Idaho is only found in Idaho and the Himalayas. Hence, the Gem State. There are also rich supplies of silver, gold, zinc, and other metals. Early on, it was thought that Idaho came from the Shoshone Indian term, "Ee-dah-how", which, although a greeting, also can roughly be translated as, "Gem of the Mountains". Hence the "Gem" state. This was later disproved, and the name Idaho may, indeed, have been invented by an early territorial person. On the other hand, before that person would have invented the name Idaho, it appeared in Colorado, on a steamboat in the State of Washington, and in other places. So, we do not know for sure where the name Idaho originated. Most likely Idaho is a gross mis-pronunciation of an Indian phrase, possibly from the Comanche, the plains Apache, or the Shoshone.

When was Idaho County Idaho established?

Idaho County Idaho was established in 1864.



What is the population of Idaho County Idaho?

As of the 2000 Census, the population of Idaho County Idaho is, 15,511.

What is the halfway point between Idaho Falls Idaho and Boise Idaho?

Twin Falls, Idaho

When was Idaho Falls Idaho Temple created?

Idaho Falls Idaho Temple was created in 1943.

Where is Idaho falls located?

Idaho Falls is located in southwestern Idaho in Bonneville County, Idaho.

What is the origin of Idaho's state name?

The name Idaho as in the state has Native American originOriginally suggested for Colorado, the name "Idaho" was used for a steamship which traveled the Columbia River. With the discovery of gold on the Clearwater River in 1860, the diggings began to be called the Idaho mines. "Idaho" is a coined or invented word, and is not a derivation of an Indian phrase "E Dah Hoe (How)" supposedly meaning "gem of the mountains."

Where was the nuclear plant invented?

London in 1933 by Leo Szilard, but a practical one was not developed and built until the early 1950s in Idaho.

Who was the first person to have a telivition?

The person who invented the television, of course. His name was Philo Farnsworth, a farm boy from southern Idaho who was a genius.

What are the newspapers in Boise Idaho?

The Idaho Statesman and the Idaho Press-Tribune.

What are Idaho's regions?

Central idaho,north idaho, south idaho

How far is boise Idaho from Idaho falls Idaho?

281 miles

When was Idaho falls Idaho estabilshed?

Idaho Falls was founded in 1864.

Where is The College of Idaho located?

The College of Idaho is located in the state of Idaho.

How tall is Idaho Falls?

Idaho Falls is a city in Idaho, it is not a waterfall. The elevation of Idaho Falls is 4,700 ft.

Is Idaho a city state or a country?

Idaho is a U.S. state. Idaho City is a city in Boise County, Idaho.