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The playstation console was brought out.

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Q: What was invented since 2000?
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When were E-Pets invented?

They have been around since the early 2000's.

What inventions were invented in the year 2000?

the iPod was invented in 2000

When was a fishing rod invented?

Fishing rods have been around since (at least) 2000 BCE.

When was ice dancing invented and who invented it?


When was beyblade invented?

Beyblade was invented in 2000.

When was the first nook invented?

it was invented in 2000

Who invented telephones in 2000?

Telephones were invented in 1876. No major milestone in telephones happened in 2000.

When was pewter invented?

pewter was invented in 2000 B.C.

When was dnb invented?

dnb was invented in uk on 2000

What things were invented between 2000 and 2008?

The iPod is one thing that was invented between 2000 and 2008.

How many UFO sitings since year 2000?

119 sitings since year 2000 119 sitings since year 2000

When was the woodblock invented?

The woodblock was invented since time began since there was wood everywhere.

How long have littlest pet shops been around?

Littlest pet shops have been around since they were invented in 2000. My birth year!

What was invented in 2000?


When was the WiFi invented?


When was mxit invented?

Mxit was invented by Herman Hun's in 2000

When were neon clothing invented?

neon clothing was invented in 2000

When was the m16a4 invented?

It was invented by the usmc in 2000 to be a replacement for the m16a2

Around which time period was the microscope invented?

In 1590 the first compound microscope is invented. The Chinese had been using a water microscope since about 2000 BC. Galileo Galilei and Cornelius Drebbel are two scientist who invented different versions of the microscope.

What company first introduced the digital picture frame?

CEIVA Logic invented the first digital picture frame in 2000. Since 2000, CEIVA has sold over a billion digital picture frames.

What is the New England Patriots record since 2000?

163-61 since 2000

When where iPod's invented?

The firs Ipod was invented On July 24, 2000

When was Pandora invented?

Pandora was invented in 2000 by the Music Genome Project.

Historic events between 1980-2000?

technology was invented

The date when the PS2 was invented?

in the 2000