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What was it called when all continenets in the world were conected?


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The super continent that broke apart 200 million years ago to form the present continents was called Pangea.

AnswerPangea PangaeaPangaea

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The name given to the super continent which existed when all the continents were joined together is Pangaea.

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The name of the continents as we know them today when they were connected is reffered to as Pangea, which; in latin, translates into ''ALL LAND''

Millions of years ago all the continents were joined to form one massive continent called pangea. Also earthquakes and volcanoes have happened and the earth techtonic plates have moved apart, lots of different continenets were formed. Hope this helps :)

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Pangea is when all the continents were conected. Pangea was altogether 225 million years ago.

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The continents of the world used to all be one big supercontinent called Pangaea

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