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I have no information as to specific hardships suffered by children fleeing London in 1940 and 41. However, relatedly, Britain went into total war footing before any other nation in WWII. Britain put into effort all sorts of rationing to stretch supplies. They pillaged the country for scrap metal to feed the military industrial complex. Scraps of land were devoted to vegetable gardens. Soldiers pay was so low that a British 2nd Lt. was paid less than an American private. Children by the tens of thousands were put on ships headed west and sent to Canada and other destinations - to live as foster children for the duration. Any mouth that did not support the war effort was shunted aside. It is not surprising that the British impoverished themselves by this huge effort. Following the war the British suffered decades of reduced living standards. Their empire collapsed since they could no longer afford to police the colonies. Their once great navy was reduced to an also ran after the USA and Soviets fleets. I suspect many children suffered great agony being separated from their loving families for many years of war.

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Q: What was it like for children who had to leave London during World War 2 due to the heavy bombing?
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What was the bombing of London called during the world war 2?

The Blitz or the London Blitz.

What was the London bombing during World War 2?

It was known as The Blitz.

What was the bombing of London called during war world 2?

The Blitz.

How many people were evacuated from London in World War 2?

Nearly 2 million people (children too) were evacuated to the countryside during the bombing blitz in England during the war.

Who was bombing London and other cities in England?

Germany during World War II

Where were most English children during World War 2 placed after the bombing of London?

During the Blitzkrieg, many families sent their children to schools that were away from the cities, out in the countryside. Some sent their children to family members in the countryside or to the United States or Canada.

What was life in london like during world war 2?

Constant bombing, children had to be evacuated by trains to foster homes. Better to read a diary or a book on this. Germans attacked London, i don't remember when though.

What cities suffered enormous damage from bombing raids during world war 2?

All British cities were badly damaged by bombing during World War 2 but London and Coventry were hit hardest.

What was the worst place for bombing in London during the first world war?

The one where the most people died.

Why were children evacuated from places like London during World War 2?

Children where evacuated because of the bombing that was frequently happening in That area. There were many Ariel bombings whether it be lethal gases or explosives. people feared for their kids.

Where were London children evacuated to during World War 2?

From london to devon cornwall and cardiff

What did the people of London go through during the time of World War I?

Zeppelin bombing attacks of London had little actual effect, but the psychological effects were enormous.

Did London England Fall during World War 2?

No, there were severe bombing attacks, but no. England never fell to the Germans.

Where was the worst bombing in the UK during World War 2?

The city of London which was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 76 consecutive nights .

Why were children moved out of the countries during the world war 2?

To keep them safe during the bombing raids and air attacks and thing like that.

Did the London evacuees ever get to see their mothers again?

The children that were evacuated in World War II were reunited with their parents unless their parents were killed in the bombing.

What cities damaged by the blitz in World War 2?

Every British city was bombed during World War II, but the 'blitz' usually refers to the bombing of London.

What was the bombing of London called in World War 2?

"The blitz".

Date London did not get bomed you World War 2?

The Blitzkrieg bombing of London ended in May of 1941.

Why were British children evacuated in the early years of World War 2?

because of the Luftwaffe's bombing of London and other major cities during the blitz, many children were evacuated to rural and lesser populated areas to move them out of possible harms way. London, for example relied heavily on the tube system ( underground rail ) as bomb shelters, which became extremely crowded. My mother was one of the children evacuated during the war.

What happened to french children in the second world war?

During World War 2 French children had to leave their families and their homes in an attempt to flee from bombing taking place in the north Picardie region. These children were considered refugees and were often housed in Bretagne France. Those children that did not flee often died from the bombing, sickness, or malnutrition.

How did London change when world war 2 finished?

Many parts of London had to be rebuilt as they had been destroyed by bombing.

Between which dates were children evacuated from London during World War 2?


What do you call the children that were sent away from London for safety during world war 2?


What word means the bombing of London?

AnswerThe bombing of London is commonly called the London Blitz, or simply, the Blitz. The word derives from the German term blitzkrieg, which refers to the World War II Nazi strategy using targeted, fast-moving, overwhelming force in order to make it difficult for the enemy to respond. AnswerI believe you are referring to the bombing of London during WWII by Nazi Germany. The word for it is called a "blitzkrieg" In German, it means "lighting war."