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An oxygen cylinder exploded in Apollo 13, blowing a side of it.

The Apollo 13 service module experienced an explosion of the oxygen tank 2 about 200,000 miles from earth. Some people think the explosion happened because the O2 tank was dropped, which broke the internal filler tube, but the real reason for the explosion was pure stupidity.

The real reason for the Apollo 13 oxygen tank explosion was due to Beach Aerospace not upgrading the O2 tank thermostat from a 28v system to a 65v system. After the investigation it was discovered that Beech Aerospace never bothered to read the new specs for the Apollo spacecraft, that required an increased voltage system from a standard military 28v system to a 65v system. As soon as the electronics were started for Apollo 13 on the pad, the thermostat fused together allowing the O2 tank pressure to build, the internal tank temp shot up to 1,000f degrees, but the temp gauge in the spacecraft only went up to 85 degrees F, so the crew didn't know there was a problem until the O2 tank was stirred, thereby exploding and disabling the entire service module.

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Q: What was it that actually exploded on board of Apollo 13 that blew out the side of the module?
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Who piloted Apollo 11?

There were actually two pilots on board of Apollo 11, the command module pilot was Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong was the commander of Apollo 11.

What Apollo exploded during liftoff?

it was the Apollo 1. Its command module was destroyed by fire during a test and training exercise on Jan. 27 1967 killing all three on board. Gus Grissom, Ed White and Rodger Chaffee.

Why did they do Apollo 7?

Apollo 7 was launched to test the Command Module, with crew on board, in space.

Who were on board Apollo 11 when it landed on the moon?

Theastronauts on board of Apollo 11 lunar module were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin.

Who operated the command lunar module of Apollo 11?

Buzz Aldrin was the one who piloted the Lunar Module. Armstrong was on board it too.

What was Apollo 8?

Apollo 8 was the second manned Apollo flight and the first manned mission to the moon. On board was Spacecraft Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders. The mission was to prove the capability of the Apollo command and lunar modules and crew to operate the lunar distances. The Lunar Module was not on board because it was not ready for flight at that time.

Which astronaut piloted Apollo 11?

There were two "pilots" on board; Michael Collins was the command module pilot, Buzz Aldrin was the lunar module pilot. However, in practise all three astronauts were pilots - Neil Armstrong actually piloted the lunar module onto the moon's surface.

Who were the astronauts on board Apollo 11?

Commander Neil Armstrong, Lunar Module Pilot Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin and Command Module Pilot Michael Collins

How many people were aboard the Apollo 13 spaceship?

There were a total of three astronauts on board Apollo 13, they were the commander James Lovell, the command module pilot was John Swigert and the lunar module pilot was Fred .W. Haise.

What was Apollo 13 worried about on the trip to the moon?

A couple of oxygen tanks in the service module blew up en route to the Moon, and the crew had to use the lunar module to go around the Moon and go back to the Earth, where they made a safe splash down in the Pacific ocean. They could not instantly go back to the Earth, after the tanks exploded. They had to go to the Moon and back. They did not have enough fuel on board the service module to fire the engine and return to the Earth. The oxygen tanks exploded because of a mechanical error. It was very rough going from the time the tanks blew up, until they safely landed in the ocean.

Who was the first man gone on the moon?

It depends on what you mean but "gone to the moon." All manned lunar missions had three astronauts on board. Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders were the first men to visit the moon on Apollo 8. The orbited the moon and returned without landing. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11 actually landed in the Lunar Module. Armstrong and Aldrin were the first men to step onto the moon -- Collins stayed in the Apollo Command Module orbiting the moon.

Who was the first man to arrive on the moon and what was his name?

Neil Armstrong, on Apollo 11 who landed on the moon July 20th 1969. His co-pilot who was the second to walk on the moon was Edwin ("Buzz") Aldrin. The command module pilot (who stayed behind to man the ship in moon orbit) was Michael Collins.However, the first manned spacecraft to reach the moon was Apollo 8 captained by Jim Lovell (who also captained the Apollo 13 mission and played by Tom Hanks in the film). This merely reached the moon and orbited, to test out the lunar msission equipment. Apollo 9 followed (but was a test mission in earth orbit only) and then Apollo 10 which also reached the moon, orbiting to find suitable landing sites for Apollo 11. Each Apollo craft were manned by three astronauts; the command module pilot who stayed in mood orbit to fly the command module, the mission captain and the lunar module pilot both of whom were destined to land on the moon from Apollo 11 onwards.The Apollo missions finished after Apollo 17, and, at the end of these missions 12 men had walked on the moon, two from each Apollo (11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17). Apollo 13, of course, had an explosion on board and never landed on the moon. Instead the craft returned to earth in a huge rescue attempt. All three astronauts on board survived.