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What was john paul Jones full name?

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John Paul Jones was born John Paul - he added the name Jones to his surname when he was an adult.

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It was John Paul, then he added Jones when he was older.

His mothers name was Jeannie Macduff and his fathers name was John Paul Jones, just like his name.

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He wasn't born with one - his birth name was actually John Paul; he added the "Jones" later in life.

John Paul Jones commanded (in order) John, Betsy, Providence, Alfred, Ranger, Bonhomme Richard, and Vladimir.

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In his career, Captain John Paul Jones commanded the ships John, Betsy, Providence, Alfred, Ranger, Bonhomme Richard,and Vladimir.

The name of John Paul Jones' famous ship was Bonhomme Richard. It was named after "Poor Richard's Almanac" by Benjamin Franklin.

No, John Paul Jones was born in Kirckudbright, Scotland.

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John Paul Jones died of jaundice, nephritis, and pneumonia.

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No, John Paul Jones had no children and he was never married.

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