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What was laid across the Atlantic ocean floor that connected America to Europe?


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The transatlantic telegraph cable.

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Europe lies in northeast of South America across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic, from Europe to America.

To the west of Europe is the Atlantic. Across that is North America.

To get from North America to Europe you would go East across the Atlantic ocean. If you were in Southern US, or further south, you would have to go North East across the Atlantic to get to Europe.

Canada is in North America above the United States of America. It is across the Atlantic from Europe, and across the Pacific from Russia.

No. It's all the way across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe on the continent of North America.

Sailing from Europe to South America, the most practical route would be across the Atlantic Ocean.

Are you serious? There are plenty of flights a day across the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe.

It depends on what side you are. West of the Atlantic Ocean are North America and South America. East of the Atlantic are Europe and Africa. North of the Atlantic is Greenland, which is geographically part of North America, and Iceland, which is split down the middle between North America and Europe. Antarctica is south of the Atlantic Ocean, but the Southern Ocean is between them.

You would travel east across the Atlantic Ocean to get to Europe. Thanks for using ChaCha!

What continent is due east of South America across the Atlantic ocean

From the western shores of Europe, it took months to travel the Atlantic Ocean back to North America. If coming from central Europe, land travel also took months. Asians could have gone through Europe first and across the Atlantic Ocean from European ports, or they could have gone across the Pacific Ocean directly from Asian ports.

No. North of America is Canada and the Arctic. Israel is to the East of America, all the way across the Atlantic and Europe in Western Asia just north of the Middle East.

In the Atlantic Ocean, across the Chanel of France

well i asked you the same thing but you dont know a thing

By sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Hudson sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to get to North America.

Most people migrated to North America from Europe via Asia via the connection across the Bering Strait up in Alaska. More recently, people migrated to North America by sailing across the Atlantic ocean.

since switzerland is in Europe which europe is across USA, it is the Atlantic ocean

No, it carries warm air across the Atlantic from the gulf of Mexico over to Europe.

Successful trade routes from Europe to the Orient included...going across the Mediterranean, then walking across Asia (Silk Road)going across the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal, through the Indian Oceangoing around the coast of Africa and through the Indian Oceangoing across the Atlantic, around South America, across the Pacificgoing across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific

The Portuguese sailed across the Atlantic to get to the Americas.

Europeans came to America by ship across the Atlantic Ocean.

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