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Dust Bowl

What was life after the dust bowl?



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From 1935-1940 the Dust Bowl affected Americans all over the Great Plains. Farmers since the founding of the United States did not practice crop rotation. Which made the dirt dry and unfit for any type of vegetation. During World War I (when grain prices were high), farmers plowed up thousands of acres of natural grassland to plant wheat. On top of this, a drought struck the Great Plains (from 1934-1937). All of these factors came into play when some high winds came in. The Great Plains were no longer grasslands so there were no roots to hold the soil in place. All of the topsoil blew away and all that was left was dry, unhealthy dirt. Thus, the name "Dust Bowl". Many people left the Great Plains and migrated to the city. Unfortunately, at the same time, there was the Great Depression happening and there were no jobs to be found.