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What was life like at home in the US in the early 1940s during World War 2?



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Well I asked my grandpa for you, he said that... Life back then was much more simple than today's standards-like schooling, how people dress and so on..., as soon as the war started everyone was in shock from pearl harbour still they as didnt expect the homefront to be attacked, aswell as millions of young men were shipped off into the Pacific (as my grandpa was) or Europe/Africa, rationing was in affect almost instantly, I can remember my father taking my brother wagon from him for the scrap drives. Also I grew up in new york/ new jersey, and when there were blackouts you would never believe it, the whole city of new york was black, couldn't see a thing! Music was a big deal during the war as in boosting moral in America when it's men we're overseas. Any other questions you can email me at