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Well I asked my grandpa for you, he said that... Life back then was much more simple than today's standards-like schooling, how people dress and so on..., as soon as the war started everyone was in shock from pearl harbour still they as didnt expect the homefront to be attacked, aswell as millions of young men were shipped off into the Pacific (as my grandpa was) or Europe/Africa, rationing was in affect almost instantly, I can remember my father taking my brother wagon from him for the scrap drives. Also I grew up in new york/ New Jersey, and when there were blackouts you would never believe it, the whole city of new york was black, couldn't see a thing! Music was a big deal during the war as in boosting moral in America when it's men we're overseas. Any other questions you can email me at

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When were baby boomers born?

Members of the generation known as the "baby boomers" were born in the late 1940s and early 1950s, in the years immediately following the end of World War II. Soldiers came home, married the women they had been apart from during the war, and settled down to start a family almost immediately, accounting for the major rise in births during those years.

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Which country left World War 1 early to fight a revolution at home?


Where can you find information about rationing on the home front during World War 2?

The local library has some wonderful books available: V is for Victory--The American Home Front during World War II by: Sylvia Whitman The Home Front During World War II--In American History by: R. Conrad Stein

What is a soldier who returns home during world war two?

A veteran

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They stayed at home.

Who stay at home during World War 2?

Women and children.

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kiss my but

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Carried on in the home front.

What was the US mainland during World War 2 called?

The Home Front.

What was German home life like during World War Two?


Did the home front during World war 2 have food shortages?


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i [)uno

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