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My father was an Italian prisoner of war in WW II. He was captured somewhere in Africa and taken to the U.S. and sent to prison camps in Boston and in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he was in Boston, I know he told us that once in a while the Italian families in Boston would be able to pick them up and take them to Italian dances at the local churches. So I would say that they were treated with dignity and respect, I feel he was very lucky to be captured early on by the Americans, it could have saved his life. My father is 89 years old, and he doesn't talk much about the war. I really should try to get him to tell me more, and I know if I asked him he would tell me more stories.

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Q: What was life like for Italian and German Prisoners of War in American camps?
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Were there prisoner of war camps in England?

Yes. German and Italian prisoners were kept in camps in Britain and the Isle of Man.

What has the author Sante Bartolai written?

Sante Bartolai has written: 'Da Fossoli a Mauthausen' -- subject(s): Concentration camps, German Prisoners and prisons, Italian Personal narratives, Personal narratives, Italian, Prisoners and prisons, German, World War, 1939-1945

What did the POWs have to do in the camps?

Japanese and most German prisoners remained confined to Allied camps. Many Italian prisoners were allowed out to work on farms in Britain and Australia and in many cases left the camps for the duration of the war. As for Allied prisoners in Axis hands, the Japanese and to a lesser extent the Germans required prisoners to work, in the case of the Japanese, often to death.

Why German reichmarks was not use in German camps?

The point was to prevent prisoners having any money that could be used outside the camps.

Why did soldiers die in prisoner war camps?

Often through malnutrition and infectious diseases, Russian soldiers in German camps - and vice versa - and Allied soldiers in Japanese camps much more so than British and American soldiers in German camps. German prisoners of war were often shipped to the US and put to work there on farms and in factories.

What are the similarities and differences between American concentration camps and German extermination camps?

where were the american concentration camps ???????????

How did the prisoners get to the camps in the Holocaust?

The prisoners were transported to the camps by rail.

What has the author Erich Hartmann written?

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What did the Germans wear in concentration camps?

If you are asking about the prisoners, there was no special badge or triangle for German nationals.

How many allied prisoners escaped from German prison camps World War 2?


Why weren't Italian Americans ot German Americans interned during World War 2?

Ah, but there were. Any Italian American or German American found to be spying for the Axis Fores were either put into prison, sent to military camps or interned in a special place. There were no large internment camps for them but there was an internment camp. See the links below to get more information about them.

In World War 2 many German camps tattooed there prisoners. Is there records of what numbers relate to the prisoners?

This was only done at the Auschwitz group of camps. The records of numbers and names still exist.

How were African American prisoners treated in Confederate prison camps?

They were usually killed.

How many German prisoners of war escaped from England prison camps in world war 2?


How long did Japanese live in internment camps?

Japanese, German, and Italian Americans lived in Internment camps for four years. ---- ----

Were German Americans put in camps by the US in World War 2?

Yes, they did. And some Italian-Americans. And Germans and Italians from Central and South American nations.

Which POW camps in Germany and German occupied countries let their prisoners work on farms?

There were at least 450 people

What did prisoners wear in concentration camps of the Holocaust?

Old German prison uniforms, old rags, and often nothing.

What has the author Jon M Bridgman written?

Jon M. Bridgman has written: 'German Africa' 'The end of the holocaust' -- subject(s): Concentration camps, German Prisoners and prisons, History, Prisoners and prisons, German, World War, 1939-1945

Did all prisoner of wars get tattoos as a ID?

No, it is not legal to tattoo a prisoner of war (a captured soldier) forceably, the prisoners that were tattooed were the Jewish prisoners in the German concentration camps. These people were not prisoners of war (they were not soldiers).

Did all German Concentration Camps have gas chambers?

No.Concentration camps were large camps where Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs, and political prisoners were held. Those that died did so of either natural causes or being shot.Death camps were like concentration camps but they were the ones which had gas chambers.Many concentration camps had small gas chambers to kill prisoners who had become 'useless'. For example, Stutthof had such a gas chamber and an estimated 1,100 prisoners were killed there.

What group of Americans were forced into detention camps?

Japanese, German and Italian-Americans were interred.

How did prisoners get treated in concentration camps?

Prisoners of German and Japanese Concentration Camps were usually on starvation diets and were worked, generally to death. Many prisoners deemed "unfit to survive" were shot, hung, gassed and then buried in mass graves or cremated and then the ashes spread to the winds. Other camps, such as the Star Camp and Hungarian Camp, the inmates were treated decently.

What has the author Giuseppe Franchini written?

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How did Nazi turn Holocaust in to a business?

Prisoners in the German concentration camps were used as slave laborers in many of the German factories, mines, railroads and so forth................