American Revolution

What was life like for a patriot compared to a loyalist?


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patriots had freedom from the king loyalist were required to stay by the kings side. Patriots had it a lot better!!!

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nothing because they don't like each other !

Some colonists were loyalist for same reason some Americans are Republican today, they like being subservient and doing as they are told instead of thinking for themselves

patriots didnt like the taxes and loyalists just wanted to stay loyal to England and pay the taxes

Depends with Samuel Adams you are referring to. There was a Loyalist named Dr Samuel Adams who was a Physician, Surgeon, Farmer and later a loyalist Soldier. In 1776 he was captured by the Whigs and imprisoned but escaped and fled north to Ontario where he died in 1810.The more famous Samuel Adams was a founding father who opposed British taxes and did not like having British soldiers in Boston.He was cousin of John Adams. he was a loyalist too

Another name for an American Loyalist was: "Tory".The term "Red Coats" refers to troops of the British Army and the colour of the standard uniform they wore. Though many Loyalists fought for the British side during the American Revolution, they did so as volunteers to Loyalist militias. As battle-dress for Loyalist militias was inconsistent, just as it was for Patriot militias, a Loyalist militiaman could look like a Patriot militiaman, and either might have the appearance of any other colonist of the day.Moreover, Loyalist militias used the same kinds of guerrilla tactics as the Patriots, but against the Patriots. Thus, in Canadian historical accounts the American Revolution tends to be regarded as a civil war.In America, the term "Tory" came to be derogatory. In Canada, however, where most Loyalists sought refuge from Patriot reprisals after the Revolution was lost, the major conservative political party (The Conservative Party of Canada) is still also called: "The Tory Party", and its members: "Tories". Moreover, to claim descent from a Loyalist is something as esteemed in Canada as descent from the original Pilgrim fathers is esteemed in America.

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The patriots separated family's and the loyalist didn't like the way the patriots are giving them freedom hope this is the answer u r looking for :)

Life between Tories and Loyalists was quite peaceful, since they are the same side. It was life between the Loyalists and the Revolutionaries that was difficult.

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the answer is that the loyalist would do anything for the king and the not loyalist would rather kill the king because they think that his rules don't mean anything and the reason why the loyalist would do something for the king is because if they didn't do anything for the king they would get punished like they would get beat or get locked i9n jail and that is why loyalist do stuff fro the king and why the people that against the king is.......

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