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What was life like in the concentration camps?

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In the concentration camps, life was very hard for the prisoners inside them. Life was hard because everyday thousands of people were killed, tortured and were experimented on. Everyday in the concentration camps people never knew if they were going to be tortured and/or killed, this made life a risk and numerous whiles also as difficult it was. They also had very little to eat, and got very sick.

Very difficult, tough and very depressing.

Life for the Non-Nazis or SS men in any concentration camp was difficult to live because, Thousands of people would die everyday and this gave a sharp chill in their spines. The toughest part in living in a concentration camp is the selection processing. this worried and terrified every Non German Nazis because of the chances of being chosen to be killed.

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Was life like for anne frank in the concentration camps?

Her life was stressful, scary, terrible, and threatning in the concentration camps.

What was life like for kids in the concentration camps?


What was life like for Jews in the concentration camp?

Almost all Concentration Camps were in fact death camps for Jews. Fear, exhaustion, desperation, starvation, cruelity, death & cremation. Nothing good happened to Jews in these camps.

How are the concentration camps different from the Japanese internment camp?

internment camps they just made them live in like a gehtoo and the concentration camps the like tried to kill them.

What purpose of having the concentration camps as museums?

The purpose is to show people how life was like at tose concentration camps, and see what the hardships were, and what they faced. "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it"

What were the differences between the Nazis concentration camps and the Japanese concentration camps?

They only held the Japanese in the concentration camps, the dint kill them off. They could have a life in the one square mile of a home. They killed off the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps.

What was life like in the Nazi concentration camps?

HORRIBLE they got little to no food and had to work to death

What was life like for women at concentration camps?

It was scary because you would never know what they could do

How was life and work in concentration camps?

Life was miserable, and the work was hard.

What was life for Jews like pre-ww2?

it was awful the went to concentration camps then they were gassed and burnt .

What is life like for people living in concentration camps in north Korea?

i am not sure i don't live in korea

What was the deference between the concentration camps and the extermination camps?

concentration camps are prisons in a sense where as extermination camps are like death row u will certainly die in a extermination camp.

What were Holocaust concentration?

There were concentration camps in the Holocaust. The concentration camps were basically work/death camps.

Was Hitler in the concentration camp?

No, Hitler never went into the Concentration Camps because, he could have caught diseases like Typhus which were common in Concentration Camps.

What were the concentration camps really like?


What was it like for people in concentration camps set up in Britain?

There were no concentration camps in Britain. There's some confusion here.

People a consetrasion camps tortured?

Most aspects of life in concentration camps were designed to be torturous.

What were the 2 main types of Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

The main types of Concentration Camps were Concentration Camps and Extermination Camps.

What was the life expectancy for Jews in concentration camps?

two weeks

Are there still concentration camps?

No there are no more Concentration camps

How was life for the Jews in the Sighet ghettos?

it was OK good enough to live in not a terrible condition like in the concentration camps

What were the beds like in concentration camps?

in concentration camps the beds were small bunk beds in tiny rooms and shared by a lot of people.

What was Belgium concentration camp like?

There was no concentration camp called "Belgium". There were, however, concentration camps in Belgium.

What were conditions in the nazi concentration camps like?


What were conditions like on the trip to concentration camps?