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Life in the ghetto isn't talked about in the ghetto. Very similar to Fight Club rules.

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Q: What was life like in the ghetto?
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What was life in America like in the 1960s?


What was the education like in the ghetto?

in Ghetto's.. life is Dangerous, Dirty and Poor. Death was Often. Education was not good in Ghetto's either. Theres no paper and pencils usually.

When was Ghetto Life created?

Ghetto Life was created on 2003-03-17.

When was All My Life - In the Ghetto - created?

All My Life - In the Ghetto - was created on 2008-10-16.

When was Ghetto Pop Life created?

Ghetto Pop Life was created on 2003-09-09.

When was Life of a Kid in the Ghetto created?

Life of a Kid in the Ghetto was created on 1991-03-05.

What was life like in the Warsaw ghetto?

life in the ghetto was very bad many people died there plus there was no running water so when the used the rest room it would stay there and smell bad. There was no food so many people would try to sneak out of the ghetto but would only fell.

What life would be like in the Warsaw ghetto?

It was hard, there was not enough food, or shelter, or amenities, or employment.

When was Hard Knock Life - Ghetto Anthem - created?

Hard Knock Life - Ghetto Anthem - was created on 1998-10-27.

What is a sentence for ghetto?

I know Alots of girls how act like they are ghetto

Song with ghetto in it by Lil Wayne and rick somebody?

All my life (In the Ghetto) by Jay Rock

How was life for the Jews before they were in the ghetto in the movie Schindler's List?

Before the ghetto I imagine it was neutral.

Are preps smarter than ghetto people?

ghetto ppl actually have their own thoughts and choice of life. preps are all the same. ghetto is way more smart

What is life like in the ghetto?

bleak, not enough work for everyone, even less food and very little hope for improvment.

What is a ghetto to like?

it is like a city within a city.

When was ghetto money produced in the Holocaust?

It varied from one ghetto to another. Usually, the Nazis did not like the people in ghettos to have money that was valid outside the ghetto, as they regarded money as a potential source of power. The best known "ghetto money" was that produced by the Lodz ghetto and by Terezin (Theresienstadt). On entering the Lodz Ghetto, Jews had to swap their ordinary currency for ghetto currency, that could not be used outside the ghetto.

What does the slang word hood mean?

The slang word hood can mean many things including, the ghetto, a person from the ghetto, or a person that acts like they are from the ghetto.

Why do young men wear their jeans half way down there ass?

Live in the ghetto, dress like the ghetto

In the movie Schindler's List how was life in the ghetto?

People lived there.

What did the Warsaw ghetto look like?

A slum

Research ghetto structure and daily Explain how normal life continued '?

Life continued and it became 'normal', but what was normal life did not continue

What are the release dates for A Documentary of Life - 2012 Ghetto Panini 2-5?

A Documentary of Life - 2012 Ghetto Panini 2-5 was released on: USA: 22 September 2012

What was life like in a polish ghetto?

You are like talking about Jewish ghetto created by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland. About 1.5 million Jews died in German occupied Poland by being worked, starved, shot or killed by disease i.e. as bad as it can be. Millions more died in the death camps.

Is Fort Worth Texas ghetto?

No. But like any other city, it has it's areas that are ghetto. It's an awesome city!

How does the comparison between the ghetto and Warsaw help to illustrate the living conditions for Jewish people?

Warsaw was a ghetto, but life was very poor for all jews.