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Life was terrible. you were under Nazi rule. The Jews in the ghettos were completely dependent on the Nazis and the Judenrat (Jewish council) for food, water and medication. so many people died of starvation, thirst, and disease. It was always overcrowded. Fear of being murdered or deported was constant. Everyday more and more Jews were sent to death camps.

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Q: What was life like in the holocaust ghettos?
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What was life like for the Jews in the Ghettos during the Holocaust?

Conditions were deplorable and malnutrition and disease couldn't be avoided.

Types of holocaust ghettos?

open and closed ghettos.

What were three different types of ghettos in the Holocaust?

There were Closed, Open, and Destruction ghettos during the Holocaust..

Where are there ghettos?

in relation to the Holocaust there are no more ghettos. But there are ghettos in the more deprived areas of the world.

Who ran the ghettos in the holocaust?

The ghettos were run by the people living in them.

Where were the ghettos in the holocaust located?

The Netherlands

What happened to the people in the ghettos after the Holocaust?

There was no 'after the Holocaust' for people in the ghettos ... All the ghettos were emptied by August 1944 and the remaining Jews were sent to extermination camps where they were gassed. A tiny number survived.

What did the ghettos during the Holocaust look like?

dirty unclean an unplesent place 2 be.

When did the Jewish ghettos end in the Holocaust?

In the Holocaust the ghettos were all liquidated by Nazis by August 1944. The remaining residents were sent to extermination camps.

What was life like for the Jews at the start of the holocaust?

By the start of the Holocaust the (affected) Jews had already suffered many years of discrimination, most Jews in Poland were in ghettos, Jews in Germany had most of their rights taken away from them.

Why did Hitler support the ghettos of the Holocaust?

The support that the Nazis gave to the ghettos was quickly withdrawn and the ghettos were forced to become profitable.

How was it when everything ended in the ghettos of the Holocaust?


Where was the first Holocaust Ghetto in Germany?

there were no Jewish ghettos in Germany during the Holocaust.

What was the ghettos purpose in Europe during the holocaust?

The purpose of the ghettos was to separate Jews from the rest of society.

What were the sizes of the ghettos during the Holocaust?

There were all kinds of ghettos in the holocaust some were small and some were large but they were all terrible places for people to live and die.

What are some of the ghettos from the holocaust?

Warsaw, Lodz, Krakau.

When did ghettos begin to receive Jews during the holocaust?


How were Jews moved to the Holocaust ghettos?

they were moved by the rail cars

Where were the female prisoners during the holocaust?

Ghettos with the children and men.

What impact did the holocaust ghettos have?

They changed the lives of those who had to live in them.

What was resettlement in the Holocaust?

'Resettlement' was a euphemism for being deported to the ghettos.

What happened to the ghettos after the Holocaust?

The Nazis liquidated (destroyed) all the ghettos duringthe Holocaust and they were no longer in existence at the end. The last ghetto to be liquidated was the Lodz Ghetto (liquidated in August 1944).

What was daily life like for children of the Jewish ghettos?

life was bad. no food

When did the Holocaust ghettos begin?

October 1939 in Nazi occupied Poland.

How and when did the ghetto get destroyed?

There were many, many ghettos during the Holocaust. Which are you referring to?