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it was horable, there was a lot of mud and rats. dead bodies were beried in "no mans land" at the start of the war but it got to dandures so they staoed, they then decided to leave them or put them into the wall to help it keep its position. often the trenches would fill up with water to ancle height and turn the mud into slush. this gave the soldiors "trench foot."

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Q: What was life like in the trenches?
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What was it like life in trenches?


What are the condition of life in the trenches?

You can learn about what life was like in the trenches during WW1 by looking to the links below .

What was life like in the trenches for a soldier?


What was a soldier's life like in trenches?

Well life in the trenches was full of mud,rats and diseases. So basically the soldiers' life was very terrible.

What was life like in the trenches of World War I?

Life in the trenches of World War I was no picnic. Specifically, snipers and disease caused soldiers to die on a daily basis. There were rat infestations in the trenches, and lice and other vermin were common problems.

What was the reserve trenches like?

Reserve trenches

What was life like in the world war 2 trenches?

World War 2 was a mobile war. There few trenches that lasted more than a few months.

What was life like doing world war 1?

Life was hard mainly in the trenches, many soldiers got trench foot.

Summary about life in the trenches?


What was life like in the trenches during World War 2?

it as better than world war 1

What was life like in American trenches during world war 1?

Hell in knee high mud.

What is life like in the trenches for the typical British soldier?

For the soldiers life in the trenches was really tough. The soldiers shared there beds with mice and rats. Also it was not only summer whilst in the trenches it was also winter meaning frequent rain. This made the soldiers lives umbearable and gave them trench foot. Type that into the internet and you will see how horrific life for the soldiers realy was.

What was life like for the German soldiers in the trenches of world war 1?

Soldiers only spend a small amount of time in the trenches do to the conditions. Trenches were deep narrow holes that where the soldiers ate, slept and in some cases died. During rainy times the trenches filled with water and could lead to infections.

Was life bad in the trenches in ww1?


What were the World War 1 trenches like?

The Trenches were grotty , digusting and they had no room

What is it like to be in trenches?


How was the life in trench?

Life in the trenches in World War I was miserable, dangerous, and boring.Life in the trenches was bad, but it was better than life outside of the trenches. Of the course of the war, both sides lost hundreds of thousands of men in gain control of the others' trench. Given that the area between the trenches was covered in barbed wire, mines, machine guns, and snipers, it is little wonder that so many died. As bad as life in the trenches could be, it was to be much more preferred to almost certain death in No Man's Land.

What were WW1 trenches like?

they were disgusting. mud rained and disease was a killer. over 200,000 men died but most were claimed by disease. this is just a brief summary, a more detailed account can be found on wiki answers for "what was life like in ww1 trenches"

What did trenches look like before they arrived in them?

the soldiers dug the trenches them selves so they just looked like fields.

What was life like in the trenches at Christmas?

The trenches of WW I were unpleasant at any time of year; at Christmas they were cold and snowy, in addition to their usual unpleasant features. Trench warfare could accurately be described as a prolonged nightmare.

How was the life in trenches?

life in the trenches was horrible.They could just eat dirty food.They slept in uncomfortable places.Without showers, just a river.Dirty water for drink.And you can die.

Describe life in the trenches?

Life in the trenches of World War I would have been extremely dangerous and difficult. There was a real risk of dying from disease and gunfire at any time.

What did the trenches look like?

they looked like holes

What the trenches looked like?

like a mud pit

How was the trenches like?

not very nice :(